Have you ever attempted to save yourself some money by returning something you didn't need? Yea well I tried that once and instead I made an impulse purchase. Whoops.

I saw this bag a few weeks ago and liked it, but kind of forgot about it.When I saw it again while returning some other items that just didn't work out I got one of those rationalizing "well it's the same price" moments. Normally, I might feel a bit guilty after but I don't at all. I freakin' love this bag. I have kind of a big wallet and this fits perfectly. Of all the purses I have, which is am an embarrasing amount, I did not have a black bag that fit my wallet. It got frustrating to switch it all the time. It also has an open pocket on the back which is perfect for my phone and sunglasses. I pull my phone out a lot (#millenial) and it's easier if it's accessible to me. The front zipper pocket is also functional not just for show. All this is great, but what really caught my eye was this strap. It reminds me of a seatbelt. The stripe just makes it stand out with some great contrast to a more simple saddle bag. I have used this almost every day since I purchased it. It also comes in a couple other colors. I chose black because, well, it's me. It does come in some other great options and an affordable price! 

Purse| Gap

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