Happy Wednesday folks! I know I keep saying how busy the weeks are, but honestly, they feel so busy and time is not slowing down. I really wanted to squeeze this post into so it will be short and sweet. Sweet being the operative word here as I took a recommendation from my cousin. She recommended this palette and was so right. I was honestly afraid of this palette at first because of some of the funkier colors like green. Although I have not used it yet, St. Patrick's Day is coming ;)

Shameless baby plug, can't help it. Eyeshadow is great though, right?

I really love that most of the colors are pretty soft, with the exception of the blacks. Lot of great brown tones from matte, to more sparkly. Truer brown to pink undertones. I like to work this palette from left to right starting at my brow bone and working down. I usually put White Peach of Peaches N' Cream on the brow bone. For a really subtle and soft look, I will put Puree on my lid with a soft brush and Bellini in the crease. If I am feeling a more bold look I will put Summer Yum on my lid and Puree in my crease. Sometimes I will put a dab of Peach Pit in the corner for a little more drama. Other times I might add whatever is on my lid under my eye. Really just depends on my mood. Lots of options here for playing around!

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Photo credit: Carly Mac Photography

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