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Happy Friday folks! This week has been long and unyielding and I am ready for the break the weekend should bring.I have a few fun plans so follow along on my instastory to see everything!

Back in the saddle for a truer H54F post here goes:

Ok so I feel like I did this one to myself. Reese was in and out of a fever in late Fall and it was super annoying. Everyone kept saying how this would build up her immune system and I was like "yea, yea." Well, come this time of year when everyone is sick with some sort of plague cold and she was doing good. ::insert 'hold my beer meme: Late last week she started getting stuffed up and her eyes got all goopy. It was so frustrating but we thought she was getting over it. Nope! Monday we started to keep her home but she seemed better. Tuesday she had a fever and had to come home and we kept her home on Wednesday due to an ear infection. So she is stuffed up, ear infection and not eating well. You can imagine her mood. Ugh! Any strategies anyone knows to help with this besides the meds the doc prescribed? It's been a rough week.

Another week of total crazy business. I can hardly keep up and it just keeps piling on.  I really need this weekend. I am looking forward to a few vacations coming up both next weekend and the end of March to get me through this.

I didn't talk about the Superbowl this weekend, that was here in our fair city of Minneapolis. I think overall they did a really great job with events and the game itself. It was pretty cold here but definitely could have been worse. "Bold North" was what we embraced and I think people got to see the best of what Minnesota had to offer. The halftime show featured a duet with Prince, our hometown boy and featured his symbol in purple outside the stadium. Really cool and gave me chills. Did you watch it? What did you think?

Imma leave this here.....

So this dress is an oldie and I was not sure I would ever wear it again. It was a little snug when I bought it a few years ago and after baby I figured it would be a hard no. However, I have been working really hard (although less lately with candy hearts for V-day) and I needed a dress to wear for our annual spaghetti dinner. Truthfully, this look was planned around the boots because obviously. When I found this old dress I crossed my fingers and put it on. It fit! Who knew? Actually not bad either. Shift dresses are typically hard for me. I am bigger in the hips than I am in the bust so it's either too tight around the hips and bunches up or too big in the bust and looks strange. This is the rare dress that does not do that to me. I love the mixed colored and patterns and although I steer clear from too much color, these are more muted tones that I could definitely get on board with. The back of this has a bit of a cutout in the back so I paired it with this new bralette from Free People that I am ob-sessed with! Because the dress is so colorful and the boots are a statement piece I kept the jewelry very simple with just a hint of sparkle. Perfect for any post-holiday or even a Valentine's look if you aren't a fan of the typical color palette.

Dress| H&M (similar / similar)
Boots| Marc Fisher (similar )
Necklaces | Macy's (similar / similar )
Bralette | Free People 

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