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Hallelujah, it's Friday, am I right? It has been a crazy busy week. Honestly, I can barely string my thoughts together so I will keep it short and sweet this week. Hope you all had a good week and have some fun plans this weekend. I have a couple fun things going on so be sure to follow along on my instagram @ mymonochromaticlife !

I had this day off in a sense. It was a non-student day so I was at home working. This is a blessing and a curse. It is nice to be at home and have time to do work uninterrupted. Problem is Bravo tv.....anyone else addicted to this? It is hard for me to focus. AND it was a snow/ice day so D was home doing nothing. He tried to talk me into a movie while Reese was at daycare but I had waaay too much work and couldn't #professional

Work continues to be insanely busy. I was at work from 8:30-7:00pm on Wednesday. It was planned but it was still a super long day and I was totally spent. I have had meetings all day every day hardly without a break. I need a real vacation before I explode.

Did you see my post on Wednesday about my weekend trip to Chi? I did a lot of fun things and took a ridiculous amount of pictures. Check it out!

Next week Reese turns one. We are having a little party next weekend with our family. What does one buy a one-year-old? I want to get her something fun but she doesn't have any interest, per se, yet. Any ideas of things you got yours on their first birthday? Any suggestions are welcome.

This Saturday is the Winter Carnival Beer Dabbler. This is a huge gathering of craft breweries from around the nation to try. We first went two years ago and had a blast. Last year I couldn't because I was still pregnant. We did go to the Summer one this year and it was fun, however, there were significantly fewer breweries. This one boasts over 160 breweries and takes place outside at the fairgrounds. Two years ago was actually not a bad day outside. We stayed pretty warm. We went with a bunch of our friends and had a blast.'

This year they are talking lots of snow. Le sigh. So I will have to bundle up a bit more than usual. I have a few items that will work out perfectly. I will post a picture of my actual look but these are some similar items for anyone planning on some outside winter events. You need a great jacket and boots for starters. I love my Sorel boots. They are incredibly warm and waterproof. Even better? They are stylish too. You don't need to get an ugly boot these days. when I was a kid it was the clunkier the better, but I really love this brand. I also love a puffer coat. They keep you warm and generally wear well over a sweatshirt. I like this one from Topshop because the belt helps to cinch the waist to keep a shape and a hood is a good option to help with wind or snow. With being outside I like to have my neck covered and nothing is better than a blanket scarf for this. This black and white one is so chic! A little beanie will keep your head warm and , frankly, protects my hair from becoming a wet mess in the snow. These fingerless gloves are great for an event like this because I can have my fingers accessible to grab things without having to take my entire glove off. Top of the look with some comfy, but fashionable, leggings from Spanx. Drinking beer all day Spanx are probably helpful ;) . A simple a long sweatshirt to cover up the leggings but stay comfortable and warm complete the look.

Dabbler Outfit
Boots / Jacket / Scarf

What do you think? What are your favorite winter gear accessories?

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