Happy Monday! Well, I mean I guess 'hey Monday' is more like it. Does anybody like Mondays? I sure don't, ha! It was a really busy weekend and I am looking at another very busy week. Ooof. Before I get too down about the upcoming week, let's recap what was realistically a fantastic weekend. Living for the weekend, am I right?

Friday I left work early because I worked really late a couple of days last week. A new brewery in our neighborhood, Blue Wolf Brewery, opened up on Thursday and we wanted to check it out. We had the little lady with us so we wanted to go early. Our area is a bit of a restaurant/bar desert and so the fact that a new brewery opened up was exciting. Right now they only have three beers but they were pretty good. Their IPA was far away the best one and the service was friendly. I think one of the guys who owns the place kept making sure we were accommodated, especially with Reese, which was nice. We stayed for about 2 beers then headed home. It was packed! Definitely a good sign. Afterwards, our friends came over and we made dinner and caught up. I haven't seen them in a few weeks so it was good to touch base. D made his famous tacos and we paired it with some fun wine and chatted into the night.

Saturday we had tickets to the Winter Beer Dabbler. I talked about this a bit on Friday and I have been to this one two years ago (here) and the summer one this past August (here) so this was not our first rodeo. This year we bought tickets for my dad for Christmas so he could join us and my cousin who moved back from Cali came too. It was supposed to snow a lot that day but weather people are always wrong. Except for that day. It started snowing just as the even started and it was all outside. Big, heavy flakes too. I would have been ok except my gloves got all wet and didn't keep my hands warm. Some snow soaked through my jacket as well, but thank goodness for a hood. They had over 160 breweries and we tried as many as we feasibly could. We got pretty snow soaked and left just before it ended. There were easily 3-4 inches of snow in that 5 hour period. Good news is we had a great time!

Sunday was the second Minneapolis Bloggers Union meet up. I really want to get to as many of these as I can and this one was supposed to have a photography workshop, which I could totally use.  It was great to see some familiar faces as well as a few new ones. The site, Modernwell , is a space specifically for women to be able to meet, work and de-stress.You need a membership to access but only women can be membership holders. Men can go as a guest only. The owner wanted specifically to help empower and lift up women. Preach!! Gorgeous space and perfect for an event like this. They also had some panelists talking about what helps with photos indoors so I took copious notes, ha! Overall a successful day.

Ok so this outfit today are all items you have seen in the past. However, I put it together in a new way so I thought it was worth showing. Sometimes I like to re-imagine some looks and the Minneapolis Blogger event was the perfect way to do that. These ladies are Fashionable with a capital 'F' so I gotta have my A game on. I realized after I put it together it's almost entirely made of Stitch Fix items, haha! So there is a little plug there ;)  (seriously though, if you haven't signed up do so here). The theme was Galentine's so I wanted to reflect some February colors this time. I really loved this blazer so this is where I started. I love the velvet and this color is so gorgeous and luxe looking. Perfect for a day with some chic ladies. I wanted to pair them with some darker denim but the whole look read too dark so these lighter, fringe end jeans were the perfect lightness for a day event. I am obsessed with this old top from Target.  This was how I was introduced to their new line A New Day and I was sold. It also has some velvet elements, but some translucent threading and the striped color has me all excited. The colors work perfectly with the blazer and add some great dimension. A simple little boot and this pinky Kate Spade and I was good to go.

What do you think? How do you re-work items in your closet to feel new again? Leave me a comment below!

Blazer| Honeypunch (similar / similar)
Shirt | Target (similar / similar)
Jeans| Lila Ryan (similar / similar)
Boots| Lucky Brand (similar)
Purse| Kate Spade (similar / similar)

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