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Happy Monday! Can you believe it is almost August? I feel like this summer has flown by, right? Just been a busy summer. June was so rainy so we got all our good summer fun in this month. It is Minnesota so weather turns on a dime. which means we know how to take advantage of the good moments. This weekend was no different. We had lots of plans this weekend, getting outside every day. I decided it is too much for one post so I am going to break these posts up. K?

Friday night was such a fun night! For Father's Day we got my dad gift cards to three local breweries. He had been talking for years about wanting to go to this area of Minneapolis where there is basically one every three feet. A few weeks ago he said he wanted to get the whole family together to do the brewery hop with him. So we got a sitter (overnight thanks to the MIL) and joined up with my family at brewery number one.

Friday was a freakin' gorgeous evening. The perfect night to be out enjoying ourselves. We gathered at the first location Able Seedhouse + Brewery . I will say it was an absolutely gorgeous space. Really big, tall seasons and open space. Most of these places that aren't major breweries are a bit smaller. It was very modern inside. Despite the industrial space, they had a great mix of light and dark woods, as well as the signage for the beer was a little retro. I really loved it. Overall the beer was ok, the First Light was my favorite.

Second up was Indeed Brewery. I have been here before and overall love their beers. Space is a bit smaller and it was crowded. Somehow we snuck a table outside. The outside is really pretty they have strung lights, and hops growing up the old brick building. We hung around there for a couple of beers before heading to our last destination.

Lastly, was Baushaus Brew Labs.  This brewery has one of my favorite beers, Wunderstuff. I order it anywhere they have it on tap. I have been around this place before but it's always been so busy we haven't gone inside. This was another fairly big space, very colorful and fun. Long, beer hall style tables, with fun colored chairs. For some reason, they had cardboard cutouts of Patrick Swayze and Freddie Mercury. Why? No idea. But it was fun.

Overall, we had a great night. Maybe it's a result of getting older, but hanging out with my family gets more fun all the time. 

For a night out tasting the local brew, I sported this super fun and flirty dress from Poppy Apparel. I was first struck but this fun pattern. Not something I have seen a lot of lately and I like to be a little different. I also fell in love with these sleeves. The delicate ruffle is feminine but not hyper about it. I, of course, love feminine clothing but I can't do the 'ruffles everywhere!' thing. This is just enough. This dress is a little tricky, the straps actually attach to a loop in the back and tie up. At first, I was really confused, but legit this is so smart. How many times have you bought a dress and the straps were the wrong lengths? I am on the tall end and this is a problem for me constantly. This allows me to adjust for the right fit. I'll be honest, this was a little big in the chest so I layered this bralette I had underneath it that worked perfectly. 

Great news too! I have a discount code for 10% OFF for you with code 'Mymonochromatic10' at check out. Unfortunately, this actual dress is sold out. Good news is that they have so many other cute options! I linked a few that I loved that would be perfect for the rest of the summer!

Dress| Poppy Apparel (similar / similar  / similar /similar)
Jacket| Old (similar / similar)
Shoes| Charming Charlie's (similar / similar)
Earrings | BaubleBar
Bralette| Aerie

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