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It's that time again. I got my most recent Stitch Fix in and I was ready for a little refresh. I always try to limit my shopping around Stitch Fix time in case I fall in love with all the pieces.  I love Stitch Fix and if you haven't tried it I really encourage you. I have loved it the more I communicate with my stylist the more on point the pieces are. That said, I am at a point where I am being really picky and only keeping pieces I absolutely love.

First up is this cami. I really love a cami because they truly work year-round. I really wanted to like this piece. The fit was great, the material felt really quality. It had a little bit of weight to it so it wasn't going to just flap around in the wind, and will french tuck perfectly. What I didn't like about it was the pattern. It's a cute pattern, just not my personal style. I think if it were a different pattern or color even I 100% would have kept it.

This is hands down the hero piece. First of all, it's Madewell so it already has my number. Secondly, I love this little twist top cross over and it's such a flattering fit. It's a little shorter on me than on the model, maybe a medium would have been better but it works perfectly with my high waisted jeans. High waist is the only way I roll these days anyway so it's perfect. It's also a really different color for me so it's nice to add something new to my collection

(same )

This one, unfortunately, was a bit of a dud. I am not super into halter tops. I just don't think they are incredibly flattering on me. The back detail was really cute however I am not often in a position where I could show it off. It's not a shirt I would wear to work without a cardi and on the weekend I am really in more casual wear anyway. I will say if you like this type of top the fabric is really nice and would be cute if you were going out to dinner.

I really wanted to like this one. Because A) Madewell and B) I love the idea of a midi skirt. I like the big buttons and tie waist, all things I think are super cute and flattering When I put it on I got this "little house on a prairie" vibe and I couldn't shake it. It looks less so in this picture with the heel. I think if I were more of a bodysuit and straw hat kind of gal I could make this work. It's just not my personal style.

The last piece was this midi dress. It was a body con so I knew it wouldn't work for me. I carry all my extra weight in my midsection and I haven't been the most careful about my food choices lately and it shows. Even some days when I feel great I know a bodycon like this just isn't flattering on me. The material was a little thin too so you have to wear some very seamless undergarments to make it work.

(similar / similar)

There you have it. Which piece was your favorite? I think all in all some great pieces in here just not all ones that work for me. Again, I looking for pieces I can't live without so I"m being picky.

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