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Happy Monday! I am back at work after a little over a week off of work. It's safe to say I don't want to go back ;) In the last 10 days I moved out of my old house into a new one, traveled to Chicago for the Fourth of July and back again. It's been a really busy 10 days and I am glad to be home. In my recent travels, both moving and otherwise, I had to live on limited items. I had a few favorite travel pieces and some new great additions I wanted to share with y'all!

Ok so some of this won't come as a shock, but the Spanx leggings are the only way to travel. They are the comfiest leggings of all time and hold everything in while I snack on my travel Twizzlers, the best snack ever. I have my eye on a pair of black camo ones, I may bite the bullet soon. I also discovered this brand  Urban Undercover along time ago at a festival. They sell travel gear and they have all these pieces that fold up nice and tiny like this underwear. What's great about them is the fold up and one side says "Let's go!" and the other side says "Nope." So you know when they're clean ;) Super comfy and cute too!

I love little travel size beauty items. In years past I would have to go for drugstore items for my beauty needs when traveling. But now most brands I use make small sizes that are perfect for travel. Klorane's dry shampoo is my favorite. Super lightweight but still makes my hair feel clean. They also make one for darker hair too so you don't get that white powder look. This last trip I decided to try a new texturizer. I went back to Kenra, a brand I used to use all the time, for their mixture. I have to say I like it, but you really don't need a lot of it. It's not as great if you aren't going to wash your hair for days, but it was helpful for a long day at a humid party. This little clip I bought at a local boutique. It's cute and all, but truly it was helpful to keep my hair out of my way while I put makeup on. Bonus if you can put it in your hair later. 

This is another old piece, but worth sharing again. I actually bought this a few years ago and it's one of the best purchases ever. I was always struggling to find an organized way to travel with my make up. This piece is perfect and it's not too big, fits perfectly in my suitcase with room to spare. They are separate pouches for brushes and the main space you can adjust the sizes to fit your items. I like to set mine up so I can fit full eyeshadow palettes. I can usually fit about 2-3 , which is amazing. There is also a zipper pocket where I like to put my toothbrush and other toiletries that might get wet. 

Last up is my newest purchase. Traveling with jewelry has really been my final frontier.I have struggled forever to travel with necklaces without them getting all tangled. I was shopping last week and this showed up as a similar item. I saw it and thought "done." There is a smaller version but this one I wanted because it has separate clasps for necklaces. It's not a perfect solution, but it's 100% better than what I was doing. Even when they got tangled a little they were easy to untangle. A few pockets I used for earrings and rings, as well as longer clasp pieces for bracelets. It also has a hanger top so you can just hang it up at the hotel. Truly groundbreaking for me. It folds up nice and flat so still definitely works if you were trying to just carry on on a flight. 

What do you think? What are some of your favorite travel items?

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