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Happy Monday and deal days! Lots and lots of sales going on this week. Coverage is pretty heavy on a few so I thought I would take a peak where it really matters to me. The Target Deal Days. If you are like me,  you are at Target several times per week. I went to Target two times in one day just a couple of weeks ago. Target= life. 

They have also seriously upped their game in terms of home decor and attire. It's basically impossible to leave there with only buying what you intended. If you do, you're my hero. The sales this year are a little different. Last year it was a one day sale, this year it's two days with different items each today. On today (Monday) it includes some furniture, rugs, technology, kitchen items and genetic tests. There is probably about 150+ pages worth of stuff. I did my best to scour for the best deals. Some items are only maybe $10 off so I didn't include those. On big sale days I figure we should focus on the best options. I didn't get a chance to look at literally everything, but I got at least half of it. I'll keep adding today if I find new items as well. 

Happy Deal Days!

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