Welcome to Friday! Hallelujah!! I am particularly excited this Friday because I get to work from home today. Holla! It has been a bit of a busy week transitioning into the holidays and we are going out of town next week so I am trying to get a few things done this week before that. I also won't lie I had a whole other post planned and then I realized I forgot something ::Head slap:: so I will get it fixed up for next week, scout's honor.

In the meantime a more traditional H54F post:

Reese is moving and grooving these days. She is crawling all.over.the.place. She is a lady of her own accord and will not be stopped. She also already does not respect my authority. When I tell her 'no' or putting her mouth on the coffee table is 'ucky' she laughs in my face, IN MY FACE.  I am totally screwed. In the meantime this cute photo:

Speaking of babies, we are the house that sick built. Every week is a new ailment that she continues to bring into the household. I am tired of her being sick and us trying to combat it constantly. I finally committed to an essential oils company through of a friend of mine. She got me on a starter kit that arrived in the knick of time this week. I was exhausted, coughing and achy on Tuesday. I diffused a mix I found through a group and it did help with my achiness. I am playing around with it now. Any suggestions from fellow oilers (?) oilys (?) .....people who use essential oils.

Did you see my Wednesday post? Scored this super cute sweatshirt from this little shop and am in love. You can also score free shipping!! Be sure to check it out! 

Tonight I am going to the annual New Standards Christmas Show. I have gone the last few years and love it! They put on a big show at our local theater and bring in both local and national guests to sing both holiday and non-holiday songs. Always some fun surprises and this year my whole family is going! Going to be such a blast. Be sure to follow along on my instagram @mymonochromaticlife 

I wanted to do a little round up of some of my finds for various cyber week sales. On Friday I definitely scored these two Urban Decay Vice lipsticks. My cousin alerted me that they were on sale for $9 when they are typically $18!! I was going to buy one but then I saw 1993 which I loved in a lipstick and cannot find so I had to splurge for it. Last week I had bought this Free People sweater, but when I picked it up it had snag in it. Good for me that over the weekend it went on more sale so I returned it and ordered it online with free shipping! Whoo hoo! I was in desperate need of a new pair of jeans. I have some light colored jeans I bought this summer, but I needed a darker wash that fits my new body. Gap had 50% off so I scored these skinny jeans, their jeans fit the best for me for now. Lastly, I saw this jumpsuit on another blog and it  had a good discount. I figured depending on when it arrived working it for the holiday or even my birthday next month. It's so fabulous I will find a time, right?

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