Happy Monday! Well I had super fun long weekend and I am not ready for this work week to start. I want one more day. The worst part of vacation is coming home and having to work the next day. In an ideal world, I would have one more day off to adjust. I am not the only one that thinks this, right? Too much fun needs another day to adjust to reality.

Today I wanted to take you through our trip to Austin and all the fun places we went so get ready it's going to be a picture heavy post.Also, to clarify we did not see the Austin City Limits festival I just thought it would be a fun play on words that we went to Austin and drove all around the limits ;)

We were so excited to fly out on Thursday and were so excited for some warmth. Well, guess what? It was snowing. Yep, snow. The first time we were told in eight years was the day we flew in. Super cool. (read: heavy sarcasm). I was so frustrated. It was kind of trippy to see palm and tropical plants covered in snow. Texans were so freaked out in the snow they were driving with their hazards on. Oh! Also, we flew into this new South Terminal which was in no way connected to the main terminal AND we had to board outside the plane so we had to walk in the snow from the plane to the terminal. Le sigh. Although one of our other friends had a way worse story when they arrived so we tried not to complain too much around them. Our friends picked us up and we drove straight to dinner. We went to Copper Restaurant in this new area called The Domain. Our friends said it was built within the last year and it was all shops, restaurants and bars. A huge area all outdoors, really cool! Dinner was really good I was oddly not that hungry but they had this wonderful little salad that hit the spot. 

 After dinner we walked to this bar Somersault they were excited to show us. A huge cocktail menu and a quiet little place. Not a lot of people in there, but it was snowing. They had jello shots all lined up served like dessert. I didn't try one but I heard one had pop rocks on it! Afterwards, we were pretty tired so we finished the night at our friend's house.

On Friday, it was the most packed day. Some of our friends wanted authentic Texas BBQ and we heard The Salt Lick was the place to go. We drove out to their Round Rock location for lunch. It was a bit of a hike but kind of what you would expect. Built like a dining hall with long tables. We had planned to go out for a nice dinner so I did not want to fill up too much. I attempted and failed to do this. I ordered this pork sandwich that was literally the size of my head. I could only eat half of it before I was so full. Really lived up to the adage that 'everything is bigger in Texas.' 

Afterwards, we checked out this place called TopGolf. Turns out they are building one near our house. Think of it like a dart game with golf balls. It's a driving range but we are up high, not on the ground. There are essentially dartboards all over the range and depending on where you hit it you get various points. Obviously highest points win. They also sell a drink in a plastic little golf bag that lights up. Clearly, two people in our party got them. 

After that, we headed home to get cleaned up for dinner. Dinner was at Fonda San Miguel for some authentic Mexican food. Between BBQ and Mexican, I think we hit both food marks for Texas. It was a really gorgeous restaurant. Decorated really beautifully and on the fancier side. I was still pretty stuffed from lunch so I tried to order something small. I also ordered this hilarious drink that came with both a rose petal and a neon green straw, ha!

Post dinner plans were to try and hit up as many fun bars as possible. Our friend's who live there really wanted us to Lala's Little Nugget. It's this little, old place that is decorated within an inch of its life in kitschy Christmas decorations. It is Christmas all year round there. It was so hilarious and reminded me of when we had Donny Dirk's. The kitsch was very reminiscent of that. They also served hot drinks in mismatched Christmas mugs. So great! Then we hit up this area called Rainey Street. It is several blocks of old homes converted into the weirdest, most fun bars I have ever seen. We started at UnBarlievable, which is a circus-themed bar completed with a crazy slide. I was kind of in awe of the place, it really cracked me up. Then we went to this quieter place that kind of looked a living room but I can't remember the name of it. It was a little crowded so we didn't stay there long. I think after that we went to this place called The Lustre Pearl. There was some debate that it was a French Canadian place, I am still unclear on this. Hands down, the most fun bar of the night. Great music, fun drinks, fun atmosphere. We spent most of the night there dancing the night away. We wanted to try some other places, but although fun not as fun as the Pearl.
 One bar was made out of shipping containers, it was almost completely outdoors and was a little chilly so we then tried BlackHeart for a final drink and music before calling it quits about 1:30 AM. Woof.

Friday was a late night so we all slept in kind of late. We hit up brunch at more like lunch time at Forthright.  The service was a little slow so we ended up with 50% off our bill, so we definitely ordered more #winning. We did walk a little bit near the river and learned about the bat bridge. Apparently, two months out of the year bats live under this bridge and fly out at night. People come to watch it and there was a statue in the downtown about it. 

That night was our Turducken dinner, the whole reason we were down there. I think this was our fourth year doing it. It was a little more complicated this year trying to get everything set up so we ate a little later than intended and drinks were flowing. We got a little silly and were playing with the Alexa in our Airbnb. She could change the lights different colors and we asked her a bunch of strange questions. We tried to google a bunch of goofy things she could do but to no avail. It was mostly us just being weird, ha! 

Sunday was our flight home. We tried to go as late as possible because the terminal is so small, I had to show you guys. It was seriously the silliest little terminal. Our Uber driver could not find it we all had to go on an adventure together.

That's it our whole trip. We had a really fun time. I would love to go back and see a few more things another time. D and I said it is one of the few other cities in America, like Seattle, that we could live in. Anybody else have any good Austin suggestions? Would love to know other great places!

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