Happy Friday party people! This week I am coming to you from Austin, TX where I am with some friends celebrating an annual dinner we started a few years ago. I will share more about that on Monday, but it goes without saying I will keep this post short as a result. BUT be sure to follow along on my instagram for all the weekend adventures on @mymonochromaticlife

Today's H54F will focus on my most recent Stitch Fix. Have you joined yet? No? Ok you need to. Click here to sign up! I am back to being styled by my old stylist and I love her. She just gets me, ya know? Because she does that usually means the box is a success so here goes!

When I first opened this I thought it was kind of a plain, beige sweater. I already have a plain, beige cardigan I layer over things all winter long and didn't need another one. I was so wrong. First of all this is off the shoulder. Hello dreams. I really do love to show my shoulders and collarbone off (weird, I know) so this style is my jam. Secondly, it is incredibly soft. Like I want to live in it soft. When I felt how soft it was, compounded by the style I knew it needed to be mie.

Rev Sweater (similar)

I did tell my stylist no jeans unless you think I have to have them. My body is all messed up post-baby and things are just hard to fit. I also have tons of jeans. However, she just knows me and I assume she knew I would love these moto jeans and this color (thank you Pinterest board). I was a little nervous with the rise of the jeans but they fit great in the waist. They are a little short, but nothing some feedback won't fix. I don't have any moto jeans in the closet and I am really obsessed with this color this season so, guess I am keeping it. 

Pistola | (similar / similar )

I was in desperate need of a closed toe black boot. I lived in this pair of Lucky Brand peep toe booties all summer and needed a more transitional piece. These have a bit of a western feel to them with the braiding , but not so much that it is over powering and cannot be transitioned to other styles. They were a little pricey, but I really needed boots like this fast with the season change. I wore them four days straight after I opened them up, so guess they are pretty good :)

Lucky Brand | (similar / similar )


This is another great on trend item. Ruffle sleeves are all the rage right now and I really wanted to get on board. My stylist saw this color all over my Pinterest board and thought I would love it. She was right. I thought about exchanging for a smaller size but they didn't have one so I kept it. It actually works out well for work, because then I can tuck it in to certain work pants and make it more professional chic. 

Kensie | (similar)


Last but certainly not least is this coat. I have an old military style pea coat for dressier winter events however it both out of style and getting worn. I wanted a more on-trend coat for nicer events like holiday parties and the like. I love the tie on this coat for a really flattering shape. My old coat was very boxy and not flattering at all. It has kind of an asymmetrical zipper for some interesting lines. As well as leather detailing on the sleeves and around the collar. It is really great and has been perfect for a holiday conceret I went to or when I dress up a bit more for work. 

Bagatelle | (similar / similar )

What do you think? Gosh, I love when my Stitch Fix is a success. What items would you have kept? Leave me a comment below!

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