Happy Monday all! Who has the Monday blues? This girl. I am not down for it today. I cannot explain it, just not about it. Maybe because I had a good weekend, maybe because it's officially the holiday season that I don't feel like working. I'm just going to say it.

Ok rant over.

I did have a good weekend and I am ready to share a bit with you and what is helping me get through my work week.

On Friday I went to the annual New Standards Holiday Concert with my parents and sister. My dad and I have gone for the past few years and it is always a great show. If you don't know them The New Standards  are a local jazz trio made up of three former punk/rock band members (a la Semisonic). They do jazz covers of pop songs and their holiday show is a mix of holiday and rock/pop songs. This year special guests included Dessa, Haley Bonar, Matt Wilson just to name a few. It was an absolutely fantastic show and fun to be out with 4/5s of my family celebrating good, local music and the season.

Saturday was a bit of a chill day, which was awesome. We laid around a bit that morning. I wrapped Reese up in some blankets, which she loved before we headed out for a few errands. We picked up a few Christmas gifts and did our grocery shopping. She was being particularly difficult at Target kicking her feet and making her shoes fall off. She was driving me a little nuts, actually. When we got home we all just cozied up and watched some movies for settling in. 

Sunday was a busy morning. My sister, and two cousins came over with their kids for brunch. My one cousin lives really far away, she was in town anyway so we made her come visit us, haha. All our kids (except my sister) was born within five months of each other. We had not all been together for a long time so it was so good to spend some time together and get caught up. 

Also, sending out my holiday cards today! So.stinking.excited.

That's my weekend. See why I am not ready for Monday?

Want to know what helps? A good bag can really save a day, right? I always struggle since I have been at this job with the right bag. At least 50-75% of the time I end up bringing my laptop home. I started with a briefcase style bag but the weight of it got to be too much. I have a couple of totes that worked satisfactorily, however, it just becomes disorganized. I really wanted a new and fashionable laptop bag. Enter Baggalini. I had one of their tote bags years ago when I was in graduate school and really loved it. Incredibly durable (i.e. I carried several textbooks and notebooks without it breaking), fashionable and water resistant. I am super in love with this laptop bag and cannot say enough about it. It has separation inside, especially some cushion for the laptop itself. I love that to keep it secure and not risk breaking or scratching. It has some space in front of that for a notebook or folders. Also a few pockets for pens, etc. The sides have two zipper pockets for cords and the like. The front pockets are what is crucial for me. I have office keys and I have never found a good place to put them in my bag without fumbling around with them. The front pocket with a small latch is the perfect place. I also put my keycard and headphones in the other pocket. The nylon fabric keeps it easy water resistant and easy to clean. Oh and stylish, I mean look at it. I cannot say enough about it, honestly. 

I may be a little excited for Monday now, just a bit...

c/o Baggalini | Venice Laptop Bag

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