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Happy Monday! Who is ready for a short week? This gal. It's been really busy around here lately and I am ready for a break. Hope you all get some much-needed downtime this week.

I am not sure if I have ever discussed how much I love Madewell. I was introduced to the brand nearly eight years ago when my friend discovered them online and it was some unknown retailer we were trying out. It wouldn't be for a couple of years before I tried it myself. This weekend I went to their store at  my local mall and told D "I could live here." Literally, everywhere I looked I wanted to buy something. Unfortunately, Christmas is on the horizon and I gotta scale back. 

Luckily for y'all this outfit was bought weeks ago ;) Madewell's whisper cotton products of some of the best basics ever invented. I bought my first whisper tee when I was pregnant because I figured a good tee would be helpful then and I was in love. I invested in two whisper tanks and they are a staple of my summer wardrobe. This turtleneck is absolutely perfect for entering into winter. If you are familiar with their whisper material it is pretty lightweight. In the summer this is perfect for the heat and in the fall/winter this is perfect for layering. In the early part of fall I could wear this alone, but now that #winteriscomming I can easily see this paired with a vest or one of those coat cardigans. I also love a stripe so this version was way up my alley versus a solid color. Lately, I have been preferring high waisted jeans and tucking in my tops. I  think it creates a silhouette that is flattering to my body and I feel great. These jeans are also Madewell and I got it in a Stitch Fix a bit ago. I originally wasn't going to spend the money, but when I put them on they fit like they were made for me.  I had to keep them. I wear these constantly and they are so comfortable. I am telling you, these are worth the investment. The third Madewell piece is this tote bag. D got it for me for an anniversary a couple years ago. I carry this sometimes when shopping because it can carry a lot and easy to access. I have also brought it as my work bag and, frankly, is a perfect diaper bag now that Reese doesn't require I carry so much. It's such a versatile bag. 

What do you think? Are you as in love with Madewell as I am?

Top| Madewell
Jeans| Madewell (similar / similar)
Bag| Madewell
Belt| Banana Republic (similar / similar)
Shoes| Nine West (similar / similar)

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