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Maybe this is crazy but I literally have never had a facial in my life before. I know this seems strange, but I rarely go to the spa or get my nails done. It's only ever been a 'treat' for me. With winter around the corner and my skin becoming drier with each morning frost, I decided it was time for a change.

Joules Med Spa is a cute little spa nestled in some shops in Apple Valley, it is a friendly and cozy environment. I felt that I was ready to be pampered from the second I walked in. I had an appointment for a hydrafacial with the owner, Grace.

Having never done a facial before I didn't want to do anything too invasive. The Hydrafacial seemed like the right choice. What's that you say? I will tell you. 

The hydrafacial has several steps:

1. Cleanse

2. Steam

These two steps are meant to prep the skin for the facial. When the skin is more hydrated the rest of the treatments are more effective.

3. Lymphatic drainage 
A massaging of the skin that helps reduce puffiness. Ready for that natural contour, ladies?

4. Light peel
This helps remove any dead skin. Not too intense (don't worry Grace said I wouldn't look like Samantha from SATC) 

5. Deep cleanse

6. Facial rinse

7. Red light 
This is meant to help with redness in the skin, reduce signs of aging, aids in circulation and stimulates collagen and elasticity. Yes, please

8. Face mask 
This was a light mask that stayed on until the next time I washed my face. It was not noticeable
, I went to the mall after.

This is me before, with literally no make up

It was such a beautiful spa, I mean look at these rooms!

photos provided by Joules Med Spa

 photos provided by Joules Med Spa
photos provided by Joules Med Spa

I forget what step this was because I was so relaxed it was hard to remember

You can see what was cleaned from your face afterward. It's a morbid curiosity but kind of crazy and fascinating! 

And after!! My face felt so soft after the treatment. I made my husband feel my face (does that sound weird?) when I got home. I just felt fresh and clean. It's so hard to stay hydrated as the weather changes. My face gets so dry and it just feels like I am constantly slathering on moisturizer a hundred times a day and getting nowhere fast. This whole treatment is combined to combat that as well as helping in the aging process. Prevention ladies! (and gents, I don't discriminate). This will definitely be part of my regular routine. Grace, the owner, recommended coming back about every six weeks or so for additional treatments. 

Me after! Don't I look youthful ;) 

Grace was so sweet, knowledgeable and professional. She made sure from the moment I walked in that I was comfortable and ready to have the spa experience. She even had a blanket lay over me while she was performing the facial for extra comfort. I probably could have fallen asleep. The front desk staff was so sweet, even when I called in a panic because I was lost and late ::head slap:: 

I would highly recommend Joules Med Spa and guess what? If you mention my name you can get $25 off a service or 10% (whichever is greater)! What are you waiting for? 

Have you had a facial before? Tell me about your experience!

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