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We are T-minus 13 days from Christmas! Who is excited? I went to my first holiday party last week and I have a couple more coming up. One of them includes a White Elephant gift exchange. 

White elephant exchange can be tough, depending on the spending limit. I have done somewhere it was mostly gag gifts, which can be funny but I prefer to buy things the person might actually use. I rounded up a few great options for both men and women. Some of my favorites are these fluffy slippers that are all the rage right now. Who wouldn't want a pair of cozy slippers to wear around the house? I also added this glass water bottle, we all know glass is best right? I used to have this bottle until I lost it flying once and have been meaning to pick up. The rubber casing helps with grip and there are actually a bunch of cute designs! For some reason for these types of gifts I lean towards adult beverage purchases. There are always cute drink sets like this one or this stylish wine opener. For a tech love the Echo dot is a surprisingly budget-friendly option.

Happy Shopping!

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