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Saturdays are the best day of the week, right? You have had a chance to get a good night sleep (in theory) and you have the whole day to do what you want. It's a glorious, free day where you see friends, go fun places, grab a coffee or just enjoy a day off.

I honestly save my favorite outfits to wear on Saturdays. I am not alone here am I? I have a few outfits that are too casual or funky for my work wardrobe and those precious pieces come out on Saturdays. I love them so much why not honor it with a shirt in its namesake. When I was at the Primp holiday fashion show a couple of weeks ago I saw this sweater and was like "mine." I don't even wear pink that much, it's unusual for me. Let alone a hot pin with the word 'SATURDAY' emboldened on the front. Every once in a while I'll see a sassy shirt and I know exactly how I want to wear it. A couple of weeks ago I paired this sweater with some jeans, but for a post I wanted to step my game up. I bought this pleated skirt last year but these midi style skirts are still very much in style. I really love to take pieces that may not initially make sense together and make them work. I imagined if I was going to out to some rock bars this is what I would wear. Although the sweater is pink, the color and the Saturday message have an edgey vibe. I love the silhouette that is created with this midi skirt. My body shape doesn't have that natural hourglass form, so I am always trying to create it with my style. I topped the look off with these favorite boots you all (and I) love. They seriously go with everything. I haven't found anything they don't go with yet. Add some statement earrings and you're ready for your freakin' weekend!

Top| Primp (similar / similar / similar
Skirt| Everlane (similar / similar
Boots| DSW
Necklace| Rocksbox (try for 1 FREE month with code mymonochromaticlifexoxo)
Earrings| Bauble Bar (similar / similar)

What do you think? A lot of these items are either out of stock or old but I linked up some really similar pieces. What's your Saturday wardrobe?

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