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We are 1 week away from Christmas people! Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season. 'Tis the season for some holiday jewels and my favorite place to get new jewelry is with Rocksbox. I recently got my third box and wanted to share it with you. It's perfect the holidays!

First of all, I love Gorjana. All their jewels are just gorgeous, it's hard to find a bad one. I instantly loved these the second I opened them. I mean they are rose gold which is and forever will be my favorite. Actually, all pieces in this box were my rose gold so major win! I love the elegant silhouette of these, long and tapered. The styling of the metal is has a hammered look so it adds a little edge. These also come in gold and silver finish as well. I have worn these a half of a dozen times already and they class up everything. Just enough sparkle for the season without looking like a Christmas tree.

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I have become a really big fan of negative space in jewelry lately. I think it adds an interesting element and makes the piece stand out. That's probably my favorite thing about this cuff. Also, rose gold with some bling jewels and opals to top it off. You can wear this alone to be minimalist, but I have been layering it with some of my staple bracelets for that extra bling!

This was my first ring from Rocksbox and I was so excited. I love rings and would wear one on each finger if allowed. One of my friends who joined Rocksbox too (at my urging) has been getting a lot of feather pieces so I showed her this one to add to her wish list. The dainty feather is so cute and it doesn't stand out too much you really have to be looking to realize that's what it is. It also has a row of a blingy jewel for that little extra. I really like that I can wear this to work too

There you have it! Have you tried Rocksbox yet? You will not regret and if you use my code mymonochromaticlifexoxo  you get 1 month FREE! Awesome right? Give it a try!

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