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Who's ready for a jewelry refresh? I know it doesn't always seem like it but Spring is on the horizon! The sun actually feels warm (if you stand real still and pay attention) and birds are chirping. Chirping people! This is not a drill. Spring will come and that's always a good time for an old fashion refresh. A closet clean out is the natural first step but let's talk accessories. I have been partnering with Rocksbox and it is my new favorite way to do this. It's the perfect way to test out new pieces before buying them or renting some items for special occasions and returning them. Win-win!

I have been using Rocksbox for a few months now and it's like "take all my money!" It's hard to resist buying all three items each month. Especially when you get the opportunity to swap items before they send, which is my favorite feature. I have taken advantage of this every time! Ready to see what I got?

Kate Spade Wild Ones Pave Horeshoe Ring

A couple Rocksboxes ago I got the horeshoe necklace and am a little obsessed with the silhouette. When I saw there was a ring option I jumped on it. I also love basically everything Kate Spade does and rings! It's kind of like a signet ring appeal, which I also really love about it. The gold is more matte too, so not as flashy and can be worn more casually. I really love this piece.

Sophie Harper Lightning Bolt Necklace

I wasn't initially sure I would like this as much. My sister has a necklace that looks like a heart monitor and I am obsessed with it. I am always trying to find something with a similar look, this I thought would come close. I actually love this piece. It's such a delicate piece that's it's perfect for layering. I have a lot of simplistic necklaces and its nice to be able to play around with different options. You could also wear this alone too for work or with a more statement earring. The lightning bolt also feels more spring appropriate, right?

Rudiment Comstock Ear Climbers

The last piece, and probably my favorite are these ear climbers. I have basically worn them every day, I am wearing them as I write this. I am a big fan of an ear climber, it can be a nice mix of a statement piece that can be worn for day time. There are obviously ear climbers that are super glam, but many of them work for lots of occasions. These have been the best ones I have come across. Many ear climbers have a hard time staying in place but these are really secure and I rarely have to adjust them. 

There ya have it! I haven't bought any of these yet I am still deciding. Which one(s) would you keep?

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