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Ok folks, it's finally here! Valentine's week! I have a few fun posts for you this week including something amazing I did over the weekend that I simply cannot wait to show you all! 

My last few posts have been more outfit related but let's give this one up for the fellas.  If you are gift buying type I wanted to do a quick round up for gifts for any last minute shoppers. As you can see from my picture above, we're a couple of weirdos. But my man has a variety of interests so I picked his brain a little for this post.

I included what I consider to be a few standard items.  Most guys I know, with the exception of a couple, don't spend money on themselves for the good stuff. There are a few items I consider to be worth spending some extra cash on. Wallets being one of them. They use their wallet every day and it sits in their pocket, inevitably creating a wallet line in their pocket. My point, is a wallet sees a lot of wear and tear so buying a quality wallet is both aesthetically pleasing and ensures they don't have to buy a new one so often. Red Wing is a local brand and is known for its quality. They got famous selling work boots and are synonymous with quality, this wallet is no different. I also find myself forcing my husband to get new dress shoes every so often and I love the look of these Steven Madden ones, super sleek. A big interest of my husband's, and becoming increasingly popular is craft beer brewing. You could spend a lot of money on the supplies, but if you are looking for an affordable way to support the hobby a fun bottle opener like this one where you can represent your state or fancy beer glasses are a good way to go. If your man is a gamer like mine, the Nintendo NES has been a really popular item to play retro games. When it came out D called around to go get it, pretty sure he has it pristinely kept in the box still. He also told me Red Dead Redemption 2 is the new cool game, if that helps anyone. Another funny story, last week D bought one of these jackets with the thumb hole and proclaimed to me how amazing they were. He liked that it didn't bunch up in his coast. Lastly, cologne. A good cologne is necessary but that's really more for me ;) I love the classic Aqua di Gio. 

Do you and your significant other buy gifts? Which is your favorite?

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