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I am not typically one to buy clothes with a lot of graphic or text on it. I am generally more private with my thoughts and like to have control over who I do and do not share with. However, every once in a while a shirt comes along that is too perfect to not pass up. Usually, if something can legitimately make me laugh out loud or if it taps into my inner sass it's going to be mine. 

A similar thing happened when I found this sweater. I am not a huge thrifter by nature, but a friend of mine was doing a major closet clean out and selling pieces from her closet. I know this person to be a major fashionista and was excited to pick through her wares. Actually, I really went to pilfer through her jewelry ( I got a fabulous elephant ring)  but I saw this sweater and knew I needed it. 

I don't talk about my work much here, because of the nature of it. But sometimes I wish I could wear this at work. Am I the only one who feels this way at work? Not to toot my own horn, but I think I am pretty good at my job. It's a lot of hard work what I do and often it sometimes feels like there is a lot of constant checking. After a while, you start to think "get off my back!" Ya know? Can I live?! Haha! Now it does not exactly work appropriate to wear this sweater at my job, but just knowing it is hanging up in my closet is enough for me. I also just love that the detail is on the back too, it's a little sneaky ;) It looks like a perfectly respectable sweater until you turn around. The sass in me loves that.

I decided to dress it up with my favorite jeans. I love these jeans and want to live in them. Best thing ever. I cinched the waist a little bit with the Gucci belt dupe from Amazon. After I bit the bullet on it I basically want to wear it every day. It works with so many things and just dresses up a look. I don't know what I did without it. The pièce de résistance are these shoes. I showed them a couple of weeks ago but they are the best leopard heel I have seen. An ankle strap is so chic and the sleekness balances out the more voluminous top part of the outfit. Allows me to stomp my sass all over the place.

Sweater| Thrifted (similar / similar)
Jeans| Gap (similar / similar)
Shoes| DSW
Belt| Amazon

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