Happy Friday er'body! Who's pumped for the weekend? This girl <---  It's been an odd week. Monday we did not have clients due to President's Day but we did have an all day training followed by a staff happy hour. In the past happy hours happen later in the week not right away so the whole week has felt disjointed. But we have arrived at Friday and I could not be more pleased. In reviewing my blogs for the week I noticed an inordinate amount of color. I took a risk on a hot pink dress, I wore red plaid and glitzy earrings. I think I have done a good job of stepping outside my comfort zone. So therefore, I say we walk it back.

hello lover
Welcome to part three of my shoes around the world extravaganza! (Ok so I am still working on the the title of this). This week I decided to focus on flats. Not just any flats mind you but they had to meet several criteria:

  1. Closed toe: It is still February and freezing!! Thinking of open toes shoes right now sends shivers up and down my spine.

  2. Unique: I try to buy shoes that are unique and I have not seen before. I LOVE shoes so I find this criteria to be particular importance. I don't need the same 10 pairs of shoes and if I am going to spend good money I want it to be interestin

  3. Monochromatic: As I previously stated I have been wearing too much color lately. It's time for a return to what I am best at.

 After searching high and low these are some of my favorites.

Black and White All Over

I have to confess that I learned about the Loly in the Sky flats through Zipped blog. She is basically a fashion icon to me and what I wouldn't give to walk through her closet for 1 day. I really love their shoes. They are the epitome lady like and interesting. The others I picked because I love the silhouette and colors. I am a suck for a good loafer and pointed toe. I can't help myself. I also believe these are shoes you can dress up or dress down, which is another criteria I love in my shoes:versatility. It helps to add to the diversity and flexibility of my closet, which is a real necessity these days.

What do you think of these shoes? Would you buy any of these? Leave a comment below to tell me what you think!