This blog is brought to you by Polyvore. This is the next part of the shoes-round-the-world blogging I intend to do. Last time I presented impossibly beautiful shoes. Both impossible due to the incredible design and prices. Today I am trying to be a bit more reasonable for the average gal. I am also presenting my favorite trend this winter: casual ankle booties. If you follow my blog regularly my OOTD's are littered with booties of all shapes and sizes. I am loving them this year for many reasons. One and the most important is that the heels this year are not stiletto so I can wear them to work. It makes them more sturdy and comfortable to wear all day long. Secondly they transition well form day to night. They go well with jeans and a tee shirt or cute dress or skirt. When I hit up an after work happy hour I can blend well in a more upscale restaurant or a neighborhood bar. Lastly, I have a love affair going with the Bordeaux color. If you have not noticed already I tend to favor pieces that are flexible. Bordeaux is the perfect color to match either a black or brown palette.  Below are a few favorites I decided that all y'all needed to see.

Ankle Boots

I have selected two pairs of Sam Edelman boots, who I learned about reading the Zipped blog. Doing some of my own research it's a great brand. Their design is edgy enough to be different, but mainstream enough you can wear them without standing out uncomfortably. I do not currently own a pair of Sam Edelman shoes but hoping one day :)  The Aldo shoes I have been drooling over since they came out. I love the more workboot style of these matched with the color. Thankfully these are on sale now so check 'em out! Lastly, if you are a regular follower of my blog you will recognize the Target boots. These have been a staple in my closet recently. They just seem to go with everything/I am buying clothes to match these. I can't get enough so if you can find them make them your own.

What do you think of these ankle boots? Do you have any favorites? Share them below I would love to hear about them.