Good Monday! Today I am feeling happy. I had a relaxing weekend and I will be at a training all day with my co-workers instead of a regular work day so #winning. ;)

I hope you all had as good of a weekend as I did. It all started on Friday evening with my girl Jackie (The Revolving Table) having a little spa night. Jackie thought it  might be fun in preparation for our big Valentine's night out and she was right! If I am being honest, I have never done a full facial treatment before. Sure I have used facial scrubs,masks and toners but never all at once and probably not in the right order. Thankfully, and graciously, Jackie brought over a fair amount of the items and all we needed was the mask. We popped out to Target and were in awe of the lack of face masks. We grabbed some poor, male employee who was very helpful to help us locate a few. We settled on Que Bella and Red Velvet Oreos ( I FINALLY located these and it was the best night ever!!) We got home and began the process. Upon completion we were refreshed and smooth!

Delicious red velvet Oreos

IMG_0610 (2)
Spa products and Skinny girl wine

Saturday I spent the day prepping for dinner. I had to make a few adjustments to my dress and test a few ideas for hair and make up. I also kept my attention by watching a marathon of the Newsroom on HBO.  I have to be honest I was very nervous to wear a strappy, hot pink dress for multiple reasons. First, I rarely wear pink, let alone hot pink. Colors like black, grey and navy are in my wheelhouse. Hot pink is Barbie's wheelhouse. I decided to take a risk for Valentine's day and I think it paid off. Second, it is freezing!! Yesterday was the coldest day this week. Not only was it cold but it was windy. Two minutes outside I couldn't feel my legs. But as a life long Minnesotan I did what we all do. Complain about it and go outside anyway.  We went out to Vincent's in Minneapolis. It is a classy, French restaurant in a great old building by Orchestra Hall. I was looking forward to it as I rarely eat French food and go to fancy restaurants. We were going out with some of our friends too to enjoy the evening. I ordered the lamb shank with couscous. It was pretty good, juicy and with a great marinade. Although I enjoyed it, it was not amazing. To be fair my friends ordered the sirloin, scallops and tuna. I think they enjoyed their dinners more. Afterward, we went to grab a few drinks at nearby bars, Brit's Pub and The Local. These are some of my favorite places in downtown Minneapolis. They are casual places, but the interiors are well designed, beers are unique and food is fried :) We ended the night around midnight and headed home, well fed and well drank.

IMG_2814b IMG_2815b IMG_2817b IMG_2818b IMG_2821b

After writing that post last week I committed to this pair of Ear Crawlers from Bauble Bar. They are not as big as I had hoped , probably should have read a little closer, but they worked well for this look when all the other jewelry was delicate.

1)Dress: Lulu's Pretty Neon Pink, $61

2) Shoes: Vince Camuto, bought 1 month ago (similar, similar)

3) Bracelets: Primp boutique

4) Watch: Marc Jacobs Baker Watch, $175

5) Earrings: Narnia Ear Crawlers, Bauble Bar, $32

6) Necklaces, H & M (similar)

IMG_2827IMG_1504b IMG_1513

Lid:Revlon Decadent 4 pack #3  / Crease:  Revlon Precocious 4 pack #3  / Eye Liner Maybelline Sandstone Shimmer 4 pack #3

I was really unsure what to do for my makeup but then I remembered the picture I posted of Cara Delevingne on my Ear Crawler post and attempted to recreate with items I already had. What do you think? Would you wear hot pink? What did you do for Valentine's day? Leave a comment below I would love to hear from you!