Ear Crawler Candy

[caption id="attachment_505" align="aligncenter" width="306"]cara delevigne Photo Credit: http://news.instyle.com/2014/02/21/howtowearit-the-ear-cuff/[/caption]

It's no secret I love jewelry and accessories. I believe I have said before on this blog that I would wear a ring on every finger if I am able. This jewelry trend demonstrated beautifully by the impossibly gorgeous Cara Delevingne is ear cuff or sometimes referred to as the ear crawler. I came across this trend several months ago while searching online during a boring evening. In my humble opinion this is one of the most interesting jewelry trends of late. There are so many different styles that range from casual to red carpet. The ones demonstrated by Cara Delevingne are basically statement necklaces for your ears. All encompassing, can't take your eyes off of, takes up the entire space statement. Like my necklaces there is also a time and place for delicate, every day ear crawler. This trend caught my eye again in thinking about my overall look for Valentine's day (check back to my blog about V- Day looks to guess which one I picked). I decided to pick out a few of my favorites for you guys to go with any look.

Dainty Darlings

Magnificent Metals

Big bedazzlers

I decided these would be best broken up into three categories. Each type has it's place and purpose and I did not want the flash to be overwhelming ;) There is such a variety of types beyond what I represented. I encourage you to find your favorites and share them. I would love to hear what you think about this trend? Would you wear it? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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Dagmara @ GlamistaHome said...

I like that trend as well, I don't know if I would rock this trend out, but I really like some of the pieces you have picked. They are looking truly beautiful. My favorite collection are the big bedazzlers. Thank you for sharing! PS I was trying to follow you on bloglovin but the link says the site doesn't exist and couldn't find you on bloglovin. :(

Meg said...

Thank you! I agree they are definitely a statement piece. Sometimes I admire trends from afar but never rock them ;) Thanks for the heads up about the button. For some reason I could not get it to work. I switched it to a link now so it should be up and running. Thanks for the support!

Amber-Bailey&James said...

I'm totally in love with this look, but I'm always afraid I can't pull it off. I don't consider myself very edgy! I need to give it a shot. Thanks for sharing and stopping by the Lavish Lemon Link Up!

naomilovesyou said...

Love this look, love the ear crawler candy and LOVE Cara! Great post. Ps- I followed you on Bloglovin' too!

xo naomiinwonderland.com

Meg said...

Thank you so much for the lovely compliments and the follow! I ordered my first pair of ear crawlers and can't wait to show them to you all! I will be sure to check out your blog as well :)

Meg said...

Try it girl! Maybe the dainty darlings are more your speed. They are less obvious and there are even a few where it's a stud on one ear and the cuff on the other so it's like dipping your toe in the water. Always happy to stop by the link up!

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