This Friday my H54F comes in terms of my Stitch Fix box. I hinted at this in both my Monday and last Friday posts. I got it over the weekend and was pretty (and disproportionately) psyched. I heard a lot about Stitch Fix and kind of mixed reviews. To be honest I had my reservations too. I kind of pride myself on my ability to mix pieces from all kinds of places and try to put them together in interesting ways so they are uniquely me. I will frequently find something that is typically styled very preppy and mix it with an edgy necklace or pant to get that mix of style that represents me. I also love to kind of play dress up by buying things that maybe aren't typically "me" but maybe I feel the need to be hippy, beachy, or rocker girl. Playing with clothes and styling is super fun for me and signing up for Stitch Fix also takes that control away from me. Side note: I am also a control freak. Needless to say I was hesitant. At the same time, life is crazyface lately and time to shop and be creative has been scratched down to nil. I needed some help. So on a whim I pretty much signed up and not about a week later I received. Here we go!


When I opened this is was basically a "duh" moment. It's everything I love. Statement? Check! Bling? Check! Distressed gold? Check! Plus the price tag of $28 for what feels like weighty necklace was a win-win. Mine! I bought it. I love. End of story.

Bay to Baubles (Similar/Similar)


I am typically a sucker for a good plaid. I own a couple of plaid or plaid-like shirts. So when I initially opened this up I thought I would love. I tried it on and it is was a bit tight around my elbows. I thought I could unroll it, but it is meant to be styled rolled up. It is hard to see in the phone but there is a piece of fabric attatched to a button holding it up, so to unroll it makes it look awkward. Although I am more of a red plaid girl, I didn't hate the color palette here. Overall, the fit was not fantastic and I did not love it so off it goes! 


I cannot tell you how long I have been looking for a denim jacket. I decided last year I was ready to commit to a purchase and wouldn't you know it, I could not find one. This always seems to happen when I am looking for something it is suddenly no longer available. Le sigh. I saw this and was wicked pumped it was in my first box. I tried it on and you can tell it is quality denim by the weight of the fit. I also love the color because I think it will transition well from Summer to Fall. I wore it on Wednesday and at few angles it looks a little 90s, but styled right you won't have the problem. Done and done! Mine! 


This was probably the biggest disappointment for me. I have been wanting Kut denim for a while after seeing one of my favorite bloggers wearing it. Part of the problem is a I have gained a little weight in the last year and frankly I am not happy about it. I had to go up a size, but I am working hard on losing the weight I gained so I just didn't feel comfortable buying this larger size. I own a pair of straight leg jeans that I like, but the fit of this was just a bit too wide across the board. I prefer my jeans a bit tighter so they have room to stretch and I foresaw these getting too wide. I love to try them in a size down and skinny fit. I think I would love. So sadly, back in the box. 


Last but not least a maxi dress. I feel bad for my stylist she was referencing my pinterest which I last updated a year ago when I was looking for maxi dresses. If you look at my pinterest I look like a mumu wearing psychopath. I have remedied this since then. She thought I loved maxis so she sent this one along. Honestly I did not even try it on. I have a couple of maxis already and that's all I need. Also it looked a little empire cut, which can look like I'm pregnant real fast. This was a hard pass for me. Back in the box!

Overall I was satisfied with this box. 4 out of the 5 items I liked and I purchased 2 out of the 5. There was only 1 (the dress) that was an obvious "heck no!" I foresee thsi as being dangerous for my pocket going forward so I have to remain of the belief to only buy something if I have to have it. I think that will help guide me. I cannot wait for my next box and to share it with you all! Have you tried Stitch Fix or any of these services? What do you think? Leave me a comment below! If you want to join up click HERE.

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