Happy Friday! Closing out the week with the second official day of summer! I am so ready for this weekend. I have a bunch of fun plans that I cannot wait for. Are you following me on Instagram (@mymonochromaticlife) yet? It's gonna be fun, you are gonna want to follow along! 

In celebration of Summer, I thought I would share my Rachel Zoe Box of Style: Summer Edition. I seriously love this box and I think they keep getting better every time. Haven't gotten yours yet? Click here!

Ok so this theme was 'jetset' so you can use these items all summer long at your local beach front or take them to an exotic location. Well, I ain't that fancy so we are talking the nearest lake for me ;) Needless to say I am still super pumped. Let's take a look!

1. Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Glow Moisturizer

For this box there was only one beauty product, which made me super happy. I have gotten some boxes in the past with a lot of beauty stuff or other kind of unrelated accessories and they are all right, but I really want fashion from her. That said, this I was legit excited for. I have seen Kate Somerville around for years about skincare including what is supposed to be an amazing sunless tanner. I have only used this once since I received it but it says to use twice per day. What I can say it smells freakin' amazing! I can't describe it exactly but it smells like summer. It claims to reduce skin dullness and even your skin tone. I can't speak to that but I do trust this brand. I also know moisturizer is so important when you travel. I don't know what it is but my skin always gets dry and a good moisturizer is golden!

2. For Love + Lemons Loop Fringe Earrings

Fringe earrings are a major trend and I am here for it. I already have a couple but these are the perfect addition. I love that they are white so I can honestly wear it with anything. I also feel like white is the color this summer. It's hard for me to rock white with a budding toddler but I can totally do it with accessories. I have worn these, like, 100 times since I got them. They really are perfect and I was so psyched when I saw them. What is also great about these? They do travel well. They aren't going to get all tangled up, which is the bain of my travel existence, just throw 'em in your bag and go!

3. Bindya Lace-Up Cover-Up Exclusive

Every gal needs multiple cover-ups. Right now I only have one good one and I wish I had this when I went to Mexico in April. Again, a gorgeous summer white. Seeing the trend here? I really love a lace up, still into that trend also. I saw this styled also as a top to over jeans or a skirt. For me, I think I will stick to the cover-up but I cannot wait to rock this on our boat the next time we go out. Light and beautiful, perfect for a hot day.

4. RZ x BOS Palm Straw Bag Exclusive

I needed a big beach bag. I had an old bag that was ok, but it was not quite big enough. Especially with all of Reese's stuff. Usually, the bag fits the stuff and then not the towel. This is a great big bag, as you can see it fits the box itself in it with room to spare. The straw material is also super on trend, thanks Rachel, and I love that it's black. It's different to have that color than your standard straw ba. You all know how I love my black and white so this was up my alley.

5. Skova Kilim Towel

I have been in desperate need of a beach towel for a while. I kind of have one but it's not super big, nor is it super cute. This was the piece in this box that you got to choose. It was a hard choice because they were both gorgeous but I went with the lighter of the two to better match my box. It is a huge towel! In the card in the box she explained that they wanted it big enough for a picnic and you definitely good. It is also super lightweight so easily folds up to fit in the straw bag!


So what do you think? I really loved this box a lot and will definitely use all of this stuff. Haven't gotten it yet? Click here!

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