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Who is ready for Monday?...anybody? If anyone feels ready for Monday I want to meet this person. I am never ready for Mondays, but I am going to try this week. I have a busy week ahead of me and lots to do so I got to hit the ground running! Thankfully I had a pretty low key weekend and was restful. I was pretty casual most of the weekend so I have an easy weekend staple look for you too!

Let's start with Friday. Friday after work I headed home and it was going to be the first Friday in a while where we could just relax and it was nice outside. D had planned a kind of basic dinner and I wasn't feelin' it, so we decided to go out. Nothing fancy, just wasn't feeling it. The three of us went out to one of our favorite Mexican places. Reese started out ok there, then in true Reese fashion struggled. She really wants to just have free reign to everything and a restaurant requires her to sit still. She did find a baby at the table over and could not resist trying to make friends. I won't lie, it was adorable. We went home and just finished hate watching Star Wars Episode 3, cause we had nothing else to do...

Saturday we had a family commitment with D's side and had to drive about an hour north. We got up a bit early to head up. We were there for a few hours before driving back home. It was right around Reese's nap time and it was pouring rain so driving home was a bit of a struggle. Reese napped for most of it, I think, and we tried to transition into the crib. It worked for about 10 minutes. D and I were pretty tired and D took a nap while I got up. We only had a little bit of time before we had to head to my parents for dinner. We spent the evening at my parent's house mostly visiting and I helped my dad with some stuff. Overall a chill night. Also, it was pretty cold out in the 50s/60s all day. I got to break out a sweater one last time, which wasn't terrible. Reese played with my niece and it was adorable. I snapped a few photos of them on my grandmother's piano.  

Sunday we were planning on taking the boat out and testing Reese on it. Last year she was always good on the boat, but with being older and busier we wanted to test it. The morning was chilly and windy so we waited until later to test it. We only got to go out briefly, about an hour. Overall I think she did ok. The sun came out and it was gorgeous, albeit a little chilly still. Reese was a bit cranky, it was kind of near dinner time and the sun was right in her eyes. We had a hat for her, but it was bugging her. When we were scooting around on the lake she was liking it, smiling and laughing. But when we were just floating she got frustrated. We have to work on her sea legs. The rest of Sunday was lounging and watching Netflix. A great way to get prepared for the long week ahead!

With a chillier weekend, I kept it pretty casual with one of my old favorite lightweight sweaters. On chilly, overcast days black is my staple color.  Y'all know I love black and I don't need an excuse to wear it, but on cloudy days it just feels right. This sweater is perfect for a cool day because it is lightweight enough to not be too hot, but keeps me warm. This one is particularly has a bit of a sheer back. It is one of those surprise back shirts and gives you the opportunity to sport one of your super cute bralettes! I paired it with my absolute favorite jeans of the moment. A high waisted straight cut that gives old mom jeans a run for their money. I would wear these every day if I could. I think they almost literally go with everything. I have worn it with sweaters, tanks, crop tops, heels, sandals, and flats. They are the best jeans and on sale right now for a seriously great deal. I topped the look off with these super cute sandals, also on final sale, for a little flair. I know it's summer now but there are still some cool summer nights this look would be perfect for!

Top| Market & Spruce (similar / similar / similar)
Jeans| Gap (On sale for $54!)
Sandals| Sole Society (on sale 50% off!!)
Necklace| Anthropologie

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