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Happy Friday! Hope you all made it through this short week. It's always harder when the week is short I think. It feels like it should fly by but never does. What is that? Anyway, we made it! It's the weekend again, hooray! I hope you all have a fun weekend plan. We are hoping to get our boat out on the water finally. I am looking forward to a little sunshine and lake life. What are you up to?

Last weekend we finally got out to visit our friend who moved to Milwaukee almost a year ago. He had been on our case to come out and we finally found a weekend that worked for all of us and we could get a sitter. We figured a sitter would be easier so we could more easily move about the city. I had been to Milwaukee one other time but it was just to see a baseball game and then we left, so it's basically like I had not been there at all. I always prefer to visit cities with someone who has lived there. It is easier for them to take you around to the best places and not have to rely on reviews. Seeing as he has lived there a while he had some good ideas.

We drove out Friday after work and it is a solid 5 1/2 hours. It took us longer than that with holiday traffic so we did not roll in until about 11:00 PM. We were tired and in desperate need of a cocktail. That night we just visited in our friend's apartment and relaxed before bed.

Saturday we woke up later than we intended, but we got ready and headed out for a late brunch. He took us to a place called Black Sheep, although we did not partake he told us there was a serve yourself wine option. Basically, you get a card and you fill up your own wine and they charge you at the end. I opted for sangria and was #basic with my avocado toast. It would be the only healthy thing I ate all day.

We spent the rest of the day essentially bar hopping. It was a gorgeous day to do it too. It was hot out but not boiling, perfect to sit outside. Most of the places we went either had outdoor seating or windows that would open up so you could feel the air. Perfect day! I don't remember all the names of the places we went, but we started at a really delicious distillery. Then we moved onto a brewery called Mobcraft. They had a huge selection and the beer was really good! Afterwards, we hit up another distillery and sat on their outdoor patio for a bit to enjoy the sun. Our next stop, we were told was close....

45 minutes later we arrived at our destination. He wanted to show us the Milwaukee Public Market. The signage reminded me of Pike Place Market in Milwaukee. Mostly small food shops inside, we didn't stop to eat but it all looked delish! We capped off the afternoon on a beautiful rooftop. The outside was packed so we had to sit inside but a rose is just what the doctor ordered.

We needed a little rest so we headed home and I am pretty sure I took a quick nap, we ordered some pizza before finally getting our act together and going out. We headed out to a couple of bars in the LGBTQ friendly neighborhood. One more of a dance club and another a quiet bar. It was a pretty awesome day.

Sunday we needed to take it a little more chill. We slept in before deciding to take advantage of his pool. It was the prettiest apartment pool ever. We probably should have gotten out there sooner because there were no chairs. Most people were hanging by the side of the pool. We hopped in for a bit before the place got crazy crowded and we headed in.

We got ourselves cleaned up and checked out Boone & Crockett (Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett). It had a very outdoor theme with some glam details. Amazing cocktails and it was happy hour so they were $5, not bad.

We went out to dinner before heading home to chill. After a long day on Saturday, we needed to rest, we are getting so old. 

Monday, unfortunately, it was time to go. We hit the road relatively early so we could get back and still have the afternoon. All in all, it was a great trip and good to see a friend.

This is the look I spent all Saturday in. I bought this shirt forever ago with the intention of bringing it to Mexico, which I did. I just did not get it photographed. Although this shirt is sold out I found some great similar options. I am not typically a huge pink person but every once in a while one will really strike me. I loved the stripes and the cut of this. Kind of peplum but very loose and flowing. Lightweight fabric that is perfect for a hot, summer day like the one in Milwaukee. I didn't overheat even when we walked for 45 minutes. It's a great top that is super casual, but I could dress up more with some pants and cute wedges or heels if I wanted to wear it out at night. For daytime, I paired it with these old cutoff shorts from Gap. I bought them oversized because I prefer a cutoff that has a looser fit, personal preference. I think it adds a more casual, lived in vibe. I kept it easy with simple jewelry and this purse I bought at a fair in St. Paul. Grab a great pair of sunnies and you are good to go for exploring! 

Top| Madewell (similar / similar)
Shorts| Gap (similar / similar)
Shoes| Target (similar / similar)
Necklace| Antholopologie

What do you think? What would you wear to explore a new city? Leave me a comment below!

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