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Going out to find new restaurants in the city can be challenging. I try to read reviews and see what the new 'hot spots' are but I find it to be hit or miss. Lately, I have been relying more on recommendations from trusted friends to find the best places. So when I got the opportunity to check out Lela's new menu I was really excited!

My mom came over to watch Reese and D and I headed out for dinner. When we arrived we were greeted by very modern and sleek ambiance. The front bar type area with wine bottles arranged from floor to ceiling and wine glasses decorated the space. We sat at a booth table across from a more casual lounge area and bright windows that overlooked the patio. We took one look at the menu and was ready to go. I won't bore you with the details but we ate.... a lot. We tried some cocktails and some empanadas to start. D had a salad and a New  York Strip Steak. I had a zucchini pasta. We kind of split a meatball bucatini and desert of a blackberry cheesecake and tiramisu. First, it was all good. Of what I ate I loved the bucatini and cheesecake the most. My Nonna is 100% Italian, her parents were immigrants here. She makes the hands down the best spaghetti and meatball I have ever had in my life. I have had good spaghetti elsewhere, but nothing like hers. The bucatini came dang close. I was really impressed by it. The cheesecake was perfectly creamy and had this other layer between the cheesecake and the crust of like a blackberry jam or something. It was delicious! 

On top of it the service was lovely and we were so grateful they had us! Definitely get down there and check them out!

I took this as an opportunity to dress up this cami I got from Pinkblush. I have posted about them a bunch before. I loved both their maternity wear and non-maternity wear. Always cute and always flattering. I find their clothes always understand my body and know how to hide what I want hidden and flaunt what I love. This top is no exception. I am not normally a pink girl but this fuschia caught my eye. I love how the color pops and I cannot turn down a stripe. I particularly love the cut at the top of this, it lays so perfectly and flatteringly. There is a delicate quality for so bold a pattern. A racerback is also a great way to highlight your back (and all the pushups P90x 3 has me doing....). For dinner, I paired this with my favorite high waisted jeans and these wedge espadrilles that really go with everything. Some delicate jewelry to highlight the femininity of this flowy top and I was dinner ready!

Top|  Pinkblush (same / same )
Jeans | Express (similar / similar)
Shoes| Target
Purse| Melie Blanco (similar / similar

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