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I figure it has been a while since I have shared a round up of beauty items. It's full-on summer around here, with humidity to boot. I definitely change my beauty routine in the summer. I ere more on the side of lighter colors, more neutral and natural. Something about summer just makes you want to feel sunkissed with effortless "I just got off the beach" beauty. I pick brighter colors and makeup pieces that do not feel too heavy on my skin to give a more natural appeal. 

I thought I would share with you some of the items I am reaching for on the daily today! Ready?

So in all fairness, I just bought this. I bought a bigger palette of theirs a few weeks ago and was super impressed with their shadows. I have bought some of their matte lipsticks before and they were so gorgeous. I have a lot of eyeshadow palettes so it's hard to find new ones with colors I do not have. I saw this little one when I was at Ulta picking up some other essentials and saw this little gem hidden amongst the other palettes. A few of the colors have this gorgeous sparkle that is just enough for that shimmer without looking all disco ball. The matte shades balance it out but aren't harsh. Sometimes the matte shades have like 'I'M HERE' kind of pigmentation and these do not. Plus, it's $12, what do you have to lose?

I have actually had this for a while but just started using it on the regular. I bought my first cloud paint based on a recommendation from a friend and loved it! I bought a more neutral shade before, but it's a cooler color and I wanted some brighter for summer. This beam looked really pretty and it took me a minute to get used to it. With the changing of the season, it's legit the only blush I wear. It's really fun but without being overwhelming. Just enough for some sunkissed appearance. It goes on easy and a little goes a long way.


The struggle is real about nude-type colors for me. I often find them too pink, or also too close to my natural lip color. I have kind of thin lips and if it is too close to my color my lips disappear altogether. I heard about Urban Decay releasing some metallics and came across this gorgeous shade. More or a true nude, not real tones of pinks and a little metallic means some sparkle. It is really casual alone for day, or I have layered it over a blotted lip I have from Colourpop to add some depth. I basically just bring it with me everywhere and put it on later in the day. Totally worth the price!

This is another great recommendation from a friend. I had another bronzer but it was a little too brown for skin tone and I used it mostly to contour, just wasn't effective. This is also a bronzer but I do contour with it. I have a blender type brush and it works like a charm. There are a couple of colors and for me I opted for the lighter one. Even if I accidentally put on too much, I can easily blend it down so I don't look all streaky. The packaging is also gorgeous, almost like leather so it feels more luxurious. I think so anyway ;) 

Last but not least is this hair mask. I got it in an Influenster box and was a little skeptical at first. I have had some success with this brand, but the price tag being so inexpensive always freaks me out. Hair masks and me have a 50/50 shot of working. Sometimes they are too heavy and my hair feels over conditioned for a day or so. This was actually wonderful! My hair felt softer but didn't have that product feeling afterward. It also kind of smelled amazing too. I think this retails for about $9.00. You can't fight this result!

One / two / three / four / five

There ya have it! I have been reaching these on the daily since summer started. Definitely raising my beauty game. What products are you loving right now? Leave me a comment below!

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