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Happy Monday! It's kind of my first official week of summer as school let out last week. I work all summer but my schedule tends to look different when school is not in session. Good in some ways, bad in others. It's a bit of a trade-off. For my first official summer weekend, the intent was to try and relax and get outside. My husband was out of town starting Wednesday on his annual fishing trip and was gone until Sunday leaving me alone with the little miss to entertain. Not my first time alone with her for a few days, but she is busier these days so that brought some new challenges.

Friday I worked, there was no school so I had a couple of meetings and was able to pick up Reese from daycare at a regular time. I worry on days with D is gone that she has to spend too much time at daycare, but not that day. Friday was the end of a really long week at work so I could have had a friend over or gone somewhere, but honestly, I was exhausted and just wanted some sleep. We came home and made some dinner. We played and put her to bed. I honestly don't even remember what I did. I probably watched a movie and went to bed. It was glorious.

Saturday I had planned to meet up with a friend and her little one at the zoo after their afternoon naps. I was really looking forward to it as we haven't been to the zoo yet with her. She loooves animals. She sees dogs on TV and gets all excited and loves anything else with an animal in it. We didn't go last year because she was so little I didn't think she would care, but this year I know she will. We had planned to go Como Zoo, which is a free zoo but pretty decent. Unfortunately, it started to rain with no real sign of letting up until evening. We ended up going to the mall because they have an indoor play place for kids so they could just run around. My friend's little one was all over the place. Very outgoing and exploring everything. Reese took a little more time. She was tentative at first, holding my hand and observing. I think her watching my friend's little one helped. She knows him and seeing him feel comfortable I think made her comfortable. We played for a bit before we decided to walk around the mall. They had a candy shop and, well, we had to go in there right? Definitely bought some candy I did not need. Afterwards, we went home and I watched more movies before passing out. I was hoping to get up early and go get food with the little miss so I did not stay up too late assume she would get up early.

Cue 8:00 the next day....8:00 AM? She never sleeps that late. Typically it is anywhere between 5:30-6:30, with the occasionally 7:00 that is absolute glory. I only get to wake up that late if D is home and he gets up to give her breakfast. I had already thought maybe we would go get fancy donuts and now I feel like I owed it to her for being so nice to me. I gave her a little breakfast while I did my yoga in the next room. I got ready quick and drove down to Bogart's Donuts. I really love that shop but they typically sell out so I was a little worried we would drive that far for nothing. Also, there was some festival happening today and construction so it took a little longer than it normally would have. We got there and all they had was glazed, which whatever was totally fine. I snagged us two donuts and then decided I wanted to try a new coffee house and as long as I was in Minneapolis now was a good time. Five Watt coffee was nearby and I had heard good things so we headed over. It was not a huge place, but very hipster. Normally I am in my typical black and grey but was wearing a pink Nike sweatshirt and light jean shorts. Reese was in a white top and pink tulip shorts. We did not fit in. Thankfully no one was rude, nor did we get the 'you don't belong here' stink eye that sometimes happens in those places. Also, I may be biased but not a single person made eye contact with Reese. Not even when she was dancing to the DJ playing music, which was objectively adorable. Not that I intended to stay and drink my coffee, but we didn't belong there haha. I did try one of their signature coffees and I liked it a lot. Definitely recommend the coffee!  I had intended to make another pit stop by this all took longer than I meant to so we headed home and waited for D to get home. He eventually got home and we relaxed the rest of the day. 

Now that it's summer I want to break out the shorts as much as possible. I cannot wear them during the week obviously so always looking for a way to wear them on the weekend. I am probably at Target no less than three times a week. I always take a spin through the clothing section, I am not alone here right? Their new lines A New Day and Universal Thread are killin' it! Super stylish and affordable. I came across this top and fell in love and for $18 I could not pass it up. It is perfect for these shorts I bought a few years ago with the fun scallop detail. The fringe is just enough to be on trend without going overboard. With the high neckline and sleeveless cut I can easily wear this to work as well. The fringe makes it a little dressier so I thought about pairing with jeans shorts, but thought this was more fitting. I kept the rest of the look simple with a little black bag and some fun slide to pattern mix. A great look for a summer shopping day or I would even wear this out for some drinks on a hot summer night!

Top| Target
Shorts| Primp (similar / similar)
Target| Target (similar / similar)
Purse | Stitch Fix (similar / similar)

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