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It is officially time for that weekend! It has been the first full week of school around here, although the weather has been unseasonably warm. If you have been following me on Instagram you know it's been 80+ degrees all week and now it's looking like it won't let up until Tuesday! Cue major sigh....

I am in full on fall mode and done with summer. Let me be clear, I do not want winter but I really want those 60-degree temperatures so I can wear all my sweaters and jackets. I am super done with the major heat.  My office is freezing so I have to dress in so many layers to make it work. Anyway, at some point it will be cooler and I will want the heat. 

So I recently got another Stitch Fix to prepare for Back to School and I wanted to share it with you!
Disclaimer: these photos were taken in a rush as I had to get these items back, please be kind!

First up is this mustard blouse. If you follow me you know mustard is kind of the color du jour for me. I know why my stylist sent this because I told her I love mustard and I needed some work tops. I love all that about it and the buttons on the sleeves are so cute! Where this went wrong for me was the pattern. I can't tell if the pattern is black or navy, but I think that the contrast color is too dark for me. The contrast is too strong and too bold for me. I love mustard/golden tones but for me, that color is already pretty bold and I don't need another bold color. This was also snug in the shoulders so it just didn't fit right. Unfortunately, it went back. I did link a few other similar cute options.

This made me so happy the second I saw it. It's funny because the only other cargo jacket I have I also got from one of my first Stitch Fix boxes. I really, really love burgundy so I am almost sold anytime I see this color. Then I saw the camo pattern and I knew I had to keep it. Do I need two cargo jackets? No. Did I want this one so much I didn't care? Yes.

This was another love at first sight item. I told my stylist I was so excited that they carried Madewell and to send me anything from them. She's the best and she listened. I do have a pair of high waisted jeans, but when I tried these ones they fit like a glove. How often do jeans fit like a glove? Rarely. Madewell's jeans are expensive but 100% worth it every time. Just a classic jean and a super flattering cut. I bit the bullet and kept it!

With Fall on the horizon I cannot get enough plaid. I would love to add more plaid to my closet and this one was a toss-up for me. I loved the lighter pattern and when I tried it on it fit so well. I also felt like I could potentially pair this with a pant for work because it's not a lumberjack type plaid. What I didn't like was the cuffed sleeve. It makes the shirt hard to layer and gets all bulky. If it was summer I might have kept it. Part of me thinks I should not have sent it back because it really fit so well. But I think I can find some similar options that don't have the layering problem.

Lastly, I have been on a hunt for a good pack for work. I carry my laptop around frequently and it just gets heavy sometimes with a tote. Then I pick Reese up and I am carrying two heavy things in my arms. What I loved about this were the quilted pattern and the color. So cute and quilted patterns are great for fall and winter. Unfortunately, it was not big enough for my laptop which is the only reason I sent it back. 

There you have it! I have been pickier in my fixes lately about what I keep. I switched back to getting them monthly so I have to only keep items that I love. Stitch Fix is getting some new brands like Madewell too so I am so excited for what's to come! Don't have it yet? Sign up here!

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