Hello! Welcome to the first Friday of the new year. It has been kind of a busy week and I have a few fun things to share about my New Year's Eve and a new amazing lipstick! Let's get to it shall we?

1. 10 MONTHS
For starters, I forgot to acknowledge that this little lady turned 10 months last week. We have been trying to take pictures every month and did it a little delayed this time.One of our friends at their son's first birthday had pictures up of each month and I just loved that idea. I want to do that for Reese's first birthday too. I really loved these ones this time. She is getting harder to photograph as she just wants to move around but it's so cute!

Our New Year's was a little different than normal. Typically our friend's host a party and it is usually some kind of theme. We take goofy pictures, play games and watch the ball drop to a champagne toast. This year we attended a wedding, one of D's cousins. Unfortunately, we could not stay the whole night because of Reese but we got to stay for a couple of hours. It was a nice wedding and a fantastic couple so it was great to be there to celebrate with them. After we left we went home and made a nice dinner. I want to still feel celebratory so I thought a nice dinner and champagne toast between D and I would be good. D didn't make it much past midnight and we hit the hay. I did get to wear a sparkly dress and I tried to snag the best picture I could of it.


On New Year's Day I could not take my crappy phone any longer. I had the iPhone 6 and had no problems with it until the last couple of months. It was running painfully slow and frankly, I needed more space on it. I also really wanted a better camera. I have long since paid off my old phone and was debating between the iPhone 8 and the X. After reading a billion articles I settled on the iPhone X. The camera is supposed to be a bit better, a clearer OLED screen and sounds like the technology is where Apple is headed and I want to be on board for that versus already being a step behind. So far I super love it. Photos are amazing as promised. I am loving the portrait option. Look how great this looks!

We officially were back at work this week. I worked from home all of last week, but the students were back this week. It has been a little crazy in the just the few days so I am looking forward to this weekend. Which is actually my birthday. Eek!

I recently received these as a sample to try for free for review. I have never actually tried Marc Jacobs beauty at all. I love his perfume so much and have never switched to beauty. I have to say I was super excited to try it. I have become a bit of a matte lip snob because I love the staying power so I get nervous about anything not that. These are like like a crayon. Not in a typical lipstick container more long and skinny and it twists up as you use it. It goes on super smooth and creamy but not excessive. How some lips that are creamy are almost too moisturized and clunky, This isn't like that at all. Creamy but more mousse-like. This also made me worried that it would basically wipe it off the second I ate or drank anything. Nope, just the opposite. I put it on in the morning drank my coffee and actually had Chinese food for lunch and it stayed on almost like new. I could not have been more impressed. Great pigment too, you don't need much to get the desired color as well. All else I would want is a matching lip liner, but otherwise basically perfection! I would definitely recommend it! I might sport one of these colors this weekend for my birthday!

Color L to R: Send Nudes, Flaming-oh!


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