Happy Wednesday! Just a quick beauty post for you today to bring some heat to this winter chill. If you are sick of winter already like me this might be a great palette for you to play with. I have been wanting this for some time and I got it from my in-laws for my birthday. Good job in-laws! I was legit super pumped when I saw this.

I have become a fan of Urban Decay products over the last couple of years. I always wanted one of their regular Naked palettes. I never could commit because of the price tag. I got the Naked Smokey palette when it was on major sale. I really loved the pigmentation. It's pretty but honestly only good for making smokey eyes or going out look.  

This palette is no different. The colors are incredibly pigmented so, seriously, less is more. The first time I used it it was a little Tammy Faye Baker and I had to blend the heck out of it. I got better the second time I have used it. I have been a bit wary of the purple ("ashes") because of this but I will find a way. Heat is the correct title here. They all have red or orange undertones and keep that warm palette true to form. I am having fun with this palette now but I know come summer, which will come someday, and will match perfectly with all my warmer colors. 

On Saturday I sported it for the party. Just a little break down:
1. Ounce all over the brow
2. Low blow on the lid
3. Scored on the crease
4. En Fuego and Ember blended in the corner

What do you think? Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

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