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Happy Monday! I won't lie, this was hard to say today. This weekend had some serious ups and downs, I will get into it. This is a harder Monday though. Let's start with the good stuff.

Friday after work we wanted to go see our nephew play basketball. Last week was our nephew who plays hockey and this week was our nephew who plays basketball. It was fun to watch and a different experience. I am not typically a basketball fan, but I'm a fan of my nephew. He was excited to see us and his sister was their too so I got to chat with my niece a bit. It was an earlier game so we were still able to get little miss home and off to bed. D and I continue to plow through iZombie on Netflix. Seriously, great show.

Saturday was out for my birthday with my family. We weren't able to go out on my actual birthday weekend and this was the next closest time. My sister-in-law watched Reese so D and I met up with my parents and one of my sisters. We went to dinner at Punch Bowl Social.   Food was ok but the drinks were good. It would be a good place to go with a group because they have some games and activities you can participate in too. Afterwards, we went to Wicked Wort  Brewing for a couple of beers. I really like that place. It's actually fun in the summer because it opens all up.

Sunday was the big day Vikings NFC championship. Last week they pulled out an amazing win.  I was hopeful going into the game, but also incredibly nervous. We didn't exactly crush the team last week so I was not super confident. Turns out my hesitation was well deserved. We scored one touchdown right away and then completely fell apart. I don't even know who the team was that was playing. We just could not get it together all game. They ran all over us and we could not get the ball downfield. It as incredibly disappointing for the season to end this way. It was apparent early the game we were not going to win and we just had to watch it. I'm super bummed about it today. I was a little hopeful we might actually make it to the Super Bowl, but obviously not. The good news is overall we had a great season. Until next year, SKOL!

On the plus side? This weekend I saw some of the Target collab with Askov Finlayson. These types of collabs go fast so I wanted to swipe it up. Askov Finlayson was started as a men's store in Finlayson, Minnesota. They started by featuring brands they liked and now make their own stuff. It is kind of a big deal in Minnesota. When I saw a few of the pieces online I wanted to get in on it. I picked up this burgundy sweater because I love the color and the north symbol on it. They have a bunch of cute tees like this one and I really like this tote too.If you like this, I would definitely recommend picking up some items quick!  

Jeans| Gap (similar
Purse| Gap
Shoes| Primp

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