Finally Friday! Am I right? This was the first full, true week of work for me in a while and it has felt super long. It has definitely been a busy week but, honestly, truly boring to describe. Let's sum up:

1. Work
2. Work out
3. Keep baby alive.
4. Repeat.

This weekend will be more fun so stayed tuned for a supersized Monday post. In lieu of the more traditional H54F format I will be giving you all the details of my most recent Box of Style. What's that you say? You are not familiar. Well, read on sweet reader and get your own here!  

First up the liquid eyeliner. I honestly haven't used liquid eye liner in a really long time. It tends to look a little to harsh on and I'm generally not a fan. I have, however, had good experiences with the Tarte brand so it was worth a try. Plus there is a little kitty head on this and it was too adorable not to put in the mix. It is a very thin felt tip so it goes on equally thin. Pigmentation is also really good so I did not have to apply over and over again. Eventually I used it to define more of a wingtip (a style I am always trying to perfect) when using a pencil liner for the rest of my lid. That really worked well for me.
Tarte Liquid Liner| Sephora

I was really interested to try this when I saw it. I tend to get really dry skin in the winter and I end up reapplying moisturizer really frequently. The hard part about this is if it is too oily then my skin is also oily. It's a fine line for me. I tried this a couple of times and although I did feel like it gave my skin good moisture, I generally prefer my usual moisturizer. If you are looking for something lighter in application this might be the oil for you.
Hydrating Oil | Osea

Each box has one item where you can specialize or get a choice. This was that item this time around. It is a specifially designed Rachel Zoe clutch she designed for the box. I had an option between this pearlescnet white or a mirrored black. I opted for the white because I have a lot of black purses. I really loved this black and I wore it out for my birthday last weekend. I thought the color was unique and I don't have anything like it. You can wear it like a simple clutch or attach the chain to wear it over your shoulder. It is smaller so I struggled finding the right size wallet and making room for my phone and lipstick but I got it all there. It is the perfect winter glam accessory.

Rachel Zoe for Box of Style| Similar 

4. HOUSE OF HARLOW 1960 MESA EARRINGS That is all, ha! I love a big statement piece in winter. I also happened to be looking for a bold earring for  my birthday and this came just in the knick of time. House of Harlow owns my heart and soul. Her jewelry always walks the fine line of hippy, edgy, glam. As big as these are too they are not as heavy as they might appear. I worse these both for Christmas Eve and my birthday and I absolutely loved them. You really do not have to wear anything else.
House of Harlow 1960 | Similar

With this piece it's a case of "I love it, but where do I wear it?" For one of my Christmases I draped this over a black cardigan I was wearing to make it look like it was a fur collar. It was nice to add some glam to the look and to keep me warm. There is a hole on one side so you can more closely wrap it around your collar. It's definitley fun but not sure how versatile it is. 

Unreal Fur| Similar

I love a fancy agenda. I am big on lists and calendars. In the past I have tried Kate Spade and Rifle Paper Co agendas. I like a bigger agenda so I have room for lots of writing. So I was really excited to see this in the box. I have seen some Sugar Paper items at Target and their style is amazing. I like the simplicity of this and am ready to get organized in 2018!

Sugar Paper | Similar

What do you think? Be sure to get your own here! Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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