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We take a break from our regularly scheduled Westeros style winter for a little January heatwave. It has been pretty cold around here for a while but this week we have gotten a few warm days. I like to try and take advantage of this because it is unseasonably warm and will eventually return to the depths of tundra chill.

I have seen these shoes around for a while and eventually decided I needed them to be mine. I really love a mule shoe. They are so easy but chic at the same time. What I particularly love about these are the fur detail. It makes them comfy almost like slippers. It is furry all inside and the underpart of the top part of the shoe. I did have a co-worker comment on a cooler day how I could be wearinig a shoe like this and I said "they are furry!"  and he said "so?" I said "they are cute!" End of discussion. I think I made my point.

I also love that you can pair these with an easy pair of jeans and a sweater or with some straight leg, dress pants for work. I forced myself to wear different shoes last week so it wasn't the third day in a row I was wearing them. I gotta be honest though, it was a hard choice. 

Soes| Target

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