Happy Monday! I am coming off a great birthday weekend. A weekend, I won't lie, I did not take a lot of pictures. I tried to just be present celebrating this weekend and not caught behind my phone. So in that way, I apologize for the lack of documenting, but in another way it was fantastic. Another year has turned over both on the calendar and in my life. Another year older, hopefully wiser, and looking forward to what I hope will be another transformative year. 

Friday was a work day and I knew I was going to be going out the next night so I wanted to keep it kind of chill. We made a little dinner and we watched a movie. I honestly don't even remember what we watched, haha. I think I fell asleep and it was great. I won't even lie. We went to bed about 11:00 PM and it.was.glorious.

Saturday was the big day. I had plans to go out with some friends for my birthday. I planned for a little self-care so I scheduled a manicure/pedicure. I wish I could get a pedicure all the time. They re just amazing right? The place I go is a chain, but it's clean, nice and they always do an amazing job. 

I wanted to be rested and well caffeinated because we had a late dinner reservation. I had been calling places all over town for weeks to get a reservation. Either A) they did not take reservations or B) they do but could not accommodate our group size. Last weekend I thought I finally got a place that would and when I went to confirm a reservation I was told "we don't take reservations for party that size at that time of night" Umm...excuse me? It's basically impossible to go out now. By a sheer stroke of luck, we called Betty Dangers and they had a cancellation and could fit us in. HALLELUJAH! AND at the last minute, I had to add two more people and they were super accommodating. All in total there were about 20 of us so we needed a lot of space. I have some pretty great friends and some who came from long distances got babysitters and fit me into their busy schedules. I was super excited to go out and Reese was overnight at my parents so I could really whoop it up. We had dinner and then a few of my friends had to leave so we headed over to another bar until it randomly closed at midnight because "winter hours." Ugh. We made it to one last stop and shut the place down. I was so grateful for so much. For my parents who watched Reese, to my friends who drove a really long way, my friends who got sitters and the rest who just made time in their lives to celebrate with me. Y'all know how to make a gal feel special.

Sunday we woke up late, praise, and D made breakfast. Sunday was my actual birthday. I was still pretty tired just because we were up so late the night before. A nice, greasy breakfast was definitely needed.Then we got cleaned up and we picked up our girl from my parent's house. We kept the rest of the day pretty chill. Grabbed a few groceries, and headed home to relax and reboot. The Golden Globes were on and I was pretty excited to watch. The Globes are probably the most fun to watch and I leveraged my birthday standing to make D watch them with me #birthdaygirl. It was a great day.

Someone discovered she likes selfies

Ok so I was super proud of myself for my birthday look. I found this jumpsuit and it.was.everything. I really love jumpsuits. I think they are just super chic and I think I generally have a good frame for it. I just feel like it elevates the glam level immediately. When I bought it it has this big open back and knowing that my birthday is in January I would need some kind of cover. My Stitch Fix stylist is amazing and she found this blazer for me. (More details about my fix in the coming weeks). I really am obsessed with the velvet trend and this kind of mix of a cardigan and a blazer was perfection. I went all out with the earrings that I got in my Box of Style (stay tuned for that this week) and it just brings the house down with this look. I kept the rest pretty simple, some delicate necklaces and bracelets. A small, winter-inspired clutch to keep the glam all the way through to my fingertips. When I got out for my birthday I like it to make a statement and I think I accomplished that with this look.  

Jumpsuit| Wayf
Blazer| Stitch Fix (similar / similar)
Shoes| Just Fab (similar / similar)
Earrings and Purse| Rachel Zoe Box of Style (details soon!)

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