Happy Monday! Sorry for the late post but it was an eventful weekend, to say the least. I needed some recovery time and celebrating time before I got this post up today. It was a crazy weekend and I am ready to process it now.

The weekend began Friday. We had planned to go see our nephew play his hockey game. He is definitely at an age where they are getting good at the game and he scores sometimes that makes it really fun to watch.I am happy to say they won and I found out on Sunday they won their tournament! Whoo! So proud of him. Our nephews and nieces are getting to that age where there are activities and sports to go see so we definitely want to make the effort to see them when we can. Afterwards, we went out to dinner with D's parents, and his brother and his family. 

Saturday was our friend holiday party. We typically have it in December but with Christmas on a weekend this year and busy schedules we couldn't make it work. During the day D had to run out for a bit so it was just me and the lady hanging out all morning. She was in a great mood all weekend so we were just playing and trying to encourage walking. Still working on it. 

For the party that night we typically have anywhere from 10-20 people. Just varies on the year. This year was supposed to be bigger but a lof people got sick at the last minute and couldn't come. It was a calmer party this year but that was ok too. I got to talk with everyone and there were three kids there under 2 years old. Kind of helpful in that regard. We did take some pictures so that was fun. We were going to stay a little later but for some reason, Reese got upset after sleeping for a couple of hours and could not calm herself down. #parentlife

Sunday was the big day. For those who don't know, I live in Minnesota and thus I have had to carry the badge of Vikings fan. Quick history: we have been to the Superbowl four times in our franchise history and the last time we went was 1977. We never won. My whole life with them has been a series of upsets. I specifically remember the 1998 season and our kicker missed the field goal in the NFC championship game. I remember thinking "got it, we suck I can't take this. I'm done." It was not until meeting D that I was basically forced to become a fan again. He is one of those delusional fans. He can be found in early Fall saying "Superbowl homeboy!" every year. He has yet to be right. Over the years I have enjoyed watching again as I learn more about it and can actually participate in conversations. In 2009 we watched on TV as the Saints beat us in one of the roughest games of football I have ever seen. Also, fun part, turns out they had bounties on hurting our players. Super cool guys. Again we were upset. In 2016 I was dragged to the Vikings v. Seahawks game when it was -6 degrees with a windchill of -25. Oh, we were playing outside then. Super. We would have won had our kicker, Blair Walsh, not missed the kick at the last minute. I tell you all this because I think you need to understand. The Vikings have disappointed me, epically, all my life. 

Until Sunday.

Some friend of ours have season tickets and they invited us along with them. I was really pumped as they were great seats and VIP treatment. I figured even if we lost it would be a fun experience. We had been playing well this season so there was an outside chance we would win. The first half of the game we looked great. Scored 17 to the Saints (yes those Saints) 0. Second half rolls around and we looked different. Saints made easy passes and moved the ball downfield like we weren't even there. Before I knew it they were catching up to us. We got one more field goal and the score was 23-21 Vikings. However, there was plenty of time left and all they needed was a field goal. This...this was what I was used to. My hopes are built up and then quickly crushed. Sure enough, they got downfield in field goal position. Kick, score, 24-23 Saints with 25 seconds left in the game. Saints were celebrating their obvious win, even some of the players and Saints staff were mocking our Skol chant (I saw this with my own eyes). I was disappointed, but I have been here before so I was prepping myself for it. With 25 seconds to spare, we got the ball and took a knee to stop the clock. We did I think a couple of drives, one I think didn't go through (it's a blur so excuse the details). Was hoping maybe, maybe, to get in field goal position. But with 1998 and 2016 on my mind I really didn't want that. With about 10 seconds left the ball is snapped, Keenum throws to Diggs who catches it, the Saints safety tries to hit and misses also knocking out his own player leaving Diggs wide open,he runs and SCORES!! The stadium erupted! I could not believe it! D was screaming so hard his face was red we were jumping and screaming still trying to take it all in. This never happens to us. Normally, I would be telling the story from the Saints perspective with a devasting "this has never happened before in football" loss narrative. This time it was different. Maybe next Sunday will be a different story. But this Sunday, we got to witness a Minneapolis Miracle

Sorry for the derail into football, but it was truly amazing and it needed a full explanation.

Back to our programming: on Saturday we tend to dress up for our holiday parties. I recently got a pair of some OTK boots I really wanted from D for my birthday. I planned my whole outfit around it. You may recognize this skirt from a few weeks ago. It's an oldie but a goodie. It's too short for work so I try to find ways to wear it on the weekends. It's velvet and this color is great for Winter. Perfect combo. I needed a shirt to go with the boots and I was sorting through my closet when I remembered this beauty from Fashion Week a few months ago. Another great piece that really cannot be worn to work, but perfect for a party with my friends. I figured with the drama of the shirt and shoes I did not want to overwhelm the look with too much jewelry. I kept it simple with a dangly necklace layered with a shorter, delicate necklace. These boots, let me tell you. I love them. I have been coveting all the bloggers OTK boots and really wanted a grey pair. I think gray translates well with a variety of colors and would be the perfect addition to my closet. It was a super comfy look but with the glam of the holidays. These b

Top| Tobi
Skirt| Gap (similar / similar)
Boots| Marc Fisher

What do you think? Are we the only ones doing holiday parties after the holidays? Leave me your thoughs I would love to hear from you!

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