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Daylight savings is kicking my.....I think you know what I mean. Seriously, twice a year at daylight savings we change the clocks and my body cannot adjust. So if you are lagging today like me, don't feel so bad.

Happy Monday friends! I had a relatively relaxed weekend, which was definitely welcomed. We are always busy and running from place to place, it's nice to take a break from that. I did do some fun things, but mostly chill. Next weekend is the big St. Patrick's Day parade so I needed a weekend like this.

Friday night we went out for my dad's birthday. Unfortunately, we could not find a sitter so D stayed home with Reese. This was a real bummer. At the same time, we have been incredibly lucky to get a sitter every time we have needed one so I can't complain. My dad wanted to go this pizza place Pizzeria Pezzo in White Bear Lake. We have been there before and the pizza is phenomenal. It's always packed and does not take reservations. The downside is D and I are trying to do a low carb month to prepare for our Mexico trip,  and pizza does not fit it. I tried to fill up on salad and ate some small slices of pizza. It is so good you guys. Afterward, we hit up a couple of local bars. White Bear Lake has such a cute downtown area. A few adorable shops and some great bars and restaurants so it is easy to park in one spot and wandering around. It was really fun to be out for a night and celebrate with my family.
My drink had flowers in it!

Saturday we were going to just chill, but then I remembered we needed to do some shopping for Mexico and this was the only day we could do it together. We packed Reese up in her new duds (p.s. Sarah Jessica Parker has a line at Gap that is amazing!) and headed out. We looked all over the mall and I could not believe how few spring break items were out. Small selections of swimsuits and hardly any shorts. Usually, we are batting through swimsuits and coverups in February. I was really frustrated. I didn't need a ton but the things I needed I could not really find. I actually found a few things at Target but that was it. Ugh. Later that night our friends came over and we caught up and watched some movies. It was another chill night but still fun to be with our friends.

shopping ootd

Sunday I did nothing and it was glorious. I intended to take some blog photos, but honestly, I was just so tired I could not get it together. I think this low carb business is wearing on me. I am eating more protein but it just ain't cutting it. Any ideas on low carb options to help? Also, the daylight savings time kicked our behinds. It really messed Reese's schedule up and we fought to get her back on her nap schedule all day. She was happy but keeping her on track took some effort. 


Ok so remember I said there were so few spring break items out? Looks like I will be doing some online shopping. One of the critical things I need are bathing suits and cover-ups. I survived with a swimsuit last summer, but I look a little different now. Although, still not totally comfortable with a two piece. 


one / two / three / four
five / six / seven / eight

I already bought the army green one from Target. It is more junior sizing so I had to size up, but I really loved it. It has some slight ribbing too to give in a little more dimension. I am also really considering these high waisted ones. First, they are only about $18 and it would be a great alternative to a bunch of one pieces. I know someone who has it and it is so cute! The real splurge would be this one from Madewell. I love, love that pattern. Just incredibly unique and the color is so fun. For cover-ups I am favoring this embroidered one with the sleeves. I would feel totally comfortable throwing this one for breakfast or popping in for a poolside lunch. I did struggle finding some good suits. Where do you go shopping for your favs? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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