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Happy Monday everybody! I am actually excited about this Monday because that means itis one week closer to my vacation.  So, it will pretty much be cheery Monday posts for the next two weeks.

This past weekend was also pretty great as it is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate so I am feeling pretty good going into this week. Spring is around the corner too, what could be better?

My weekend began Friday after work. I had a meeting with some co-workers and supervisors that transitioned into happy hour. D and I are doing a low carb March in preparation for our trip so happy hour was a bit difficult. I had one beer and one small piece of flatbread so as not to be rude. I was pretty proud of myself for my self-control. Overall, I'd say we had a good time. Adult beverages with your bosses is always a bit awkward but they are all always cool. Afterward, I headed home to catch Reese before bed. D and I finally watched Justice League before hitting the hay early.

Saturday was the big day. St. Patrick's Day is one of my favorite days of the whole year. My whole life my dad and his friends would march in the parade in St. Paul. He wears a kilt and whole nine yards. When I was 21 I joined them with one of my cousins and have been going every year since. We always start the day with breakfast at Joseph's in St. Paul. A big, hearty breakfast is essentially for celebrating the drinkiest day of the year (is drinkiest a word?). After join the parade and by join I mean jump in uninvited.  It's not very Irish to follow the rules ;) We jump in with some friends of my dad and we walk the parade route. From there on we typically hit up a few favorite spots before Cossetta's for lunch/dinner. being that it was a Saturday this year there were so many people out so lines were crazy. Despite all of that we had a really great time and the weather was gorgeous. That night we stayed at The Hyatt in downtown St.Paul. This actually used to be the post office where my dad worked the majority of his adult life so he especially wanted to stay there. It was a beautiful hotel and they maintained some of the art deco features from the 30s. They also used some of the old pieces from the post office as decoration. Room was huge too, easily 20 foot ceilings. Very nice and totally worth it.

Our family

My sisters and I

My dad and sisters

This is very "blogger" of me

How gorgeous is this?

Sunday was a bit rough, as you might expect. Could've been worse, could've been better. We drove up to D's parents to pick up Reese who watched her overnight. We hung out for a bit, but honestly, I was exhausted and barely processing conversation so we headed home early and just vegged out with Reese the rest of the day. It was a much-needed rest day.

In honor of some of the gorgeous weather we are having and the first day of Spring being tomorrow (yay) I thought I would make the switch to some warmer weather clothes. I am so pumped to be making this transition. More so because I am going to Mexico in two weeks. I bought this shirt awhile ago from a local boutique because I was worried it would sell out and I'd miss it. I am a real sucker for navy stripes. I just can't help myself. What really sold me though was the tie in the back. Tie in the front right now is very on trend right so I like the twist that this one is in the back. I also like that I can play with the silhouette by tying it tight or loose depending on what look I am going for. With this look, I wanted it snug to create more of an hourglass silhouette. More billowy in the shoulders all the way through to the end of the jeans. In keeping with spring I loved these cropped flares I got last summer and these block heels that I basically live in all summer long. Such an easy, breezy look to take you through spring.

Top| Primp (same)
Jeans| Nordstrom (similar / similar)
Heels| Charming Charlie's (similar / similar)
Purse| Gigi New York

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