Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fun weekend. We had a busy weekend, basically prepping the whole time for Reese's big birthday party. Sorry for the baby heavy post today as a result, BUT I do have the full outfit details of my spring-y look I posted on instagram on Friday. So read on! I am home today because we had a snow day, #praise, and I needed it let me tell you. We were busy!

Friday I left work a little early to get Reese to her 1 year doctor appointment. I knew we were in for some shots and I hate, hate, hate that. She, obviously, does not love it and it is just super sad. Overall, she is healthy and cruising along in the height and weight department. Consistently on the big side of things. Thatta girl! The shots really freaked her out this time and it was just the start of a bad day for her. We got home and I had her practice crawling up the stairs. She was almost to the top when she slipped and hit her lip on the stair breaking her lip open. Poor thing. Then, later she pulled the runner off the kitchen table and this spikey, decorative thing I have fell on her. Thank goodness it just graced her but she got a decent cut on her forehead. Just a rough day for the little miss so we put her to bed early.

Saturday was designated house cleaning day. Seriously, our house was a mess. We did a really deep clean including bathing the pups and cleaning the refrigeration. This was all well overdue and having people over was just the perfect excuse. Unfortunately, with a mobile Miss it took way longer than we anticipated to clean. We also ran out to run a few errands for the party before returning home to basically pass out early, hah! It was exhausting.

Sunday was the big day. We had about 20 people coming over to our little house so we had a lot to do. D prepped the food and we tag teamed getting Reese ready. I ran out to grab a few more things and just barely made it back in time. All of our family was there including seven additional little kids, woof. Reese was a little clingy at first. I think it was a lot of people and she was hungry. We got some food in her, which she got all over her face, and she calmed down. She more willingly went with family and played with her cousins. Then it was gift opening time. She mostly played with the paper, but she got a lot of fun things. Some toys and some clothes, she was having a great time. 

Finally, it was cake time. I figured she would go to town on this because she is such a messy eater. It took her a second to figure out her smash cake, but once she did. Oh man, it was a horror show. She really dove in and got it all over herself and it flung on the floor. If I had held it in place at the end she would have probably thrown it on the floor. It was hilarious. Overall, she had a great birthday party and is blessed with so many people who love her.

This weekend the weather was actually phenomenal. The temperature was in the 40s and mostly sunny. Sunday started out with some clouds but actually, some sun peaked through. I wanted to share this look before the snow came back. I picked up this shirt when I was in Chicago at one of my favorite places Alice & Wonder. I love a stripe, I'm a real sucker for it. This light blue just felt so spring/summer to me I could see it easily with some white shorts when the temperatures get warmer. I love that the back is longer, as someone with a long torso this is so helpful for me. The fun ties on the sleeves are a cute and flowy detail. For these temps, I paired it with my favorite jean leggings from Loft and matched the spring colors with these platform sneaks from Zara. It may be snowing today, but it's spring in my step. 

Jeans| Loft (similar)
Shoes| Zara (similar / similar/ similar

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