Spring is officially here, although the weather is still pretty hit and miss. That sun shines pretty hot but you never know when a snow storm could hit. That's the funny part about March in Minnesota, anything is possible. 

Spring in this state is funny and you have to be prepared for all types of weather. I like to try and mix it up so things don't feel so heavy and winter-like, but not too light and airy like we are in post-Easter time. I found this sweater a few weeks ago on a shopping trip to Mall of America with my friend. I super love Zara. Most of Reese's clothes are from there because I can't take the cuteness. I love the clothes for me too, some are a bit funky for me but I still have respect for their style. What I really love to do is take edgier pieces and find ways to make them work in my more mainstream wardrdobe. Kind of like taking the high end runway pieces and making them ready-to-wear.

I loved this top for the simplicity but also the color blocking on the collar and edges. I really am into black and red together, it just stands out to me. Although this is a short sleeve it is a sweater material. So it meets the March criteria: spring silhouette, winter materials. It is a little short and cropped so it works best with some high waisted jeans. I also recently picked these up too because they were 40% off and am ready to rock the lighter wash trend. I think the distressing helps add a rocker element to a simplistic top. Capped off with some booties to stomp around in the new spring mud and I'm ready to go.

Top| Zara
Pants| Gap (50% off!)
Shoes| DSW

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