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Happy Monday! I am actually legit excited for this Monday. because that means we are just that much closer to our Mexican vacay. This week is probably going to crawl by or that very reason but I am so ready for a vacation. I am over the cold weather, I am tired of work and we haven't been on a legit vacation in almost three years. We.are.ready. Most of this week will be a balance between packing for the trip and trying to get all my work done before we go. 

In the meantime, I wanted to review my weekend and I think I will essentially do it in two parts. I had a different plan this week but then I put together a new outfit and things change;).  Then what I did on Sunday needs more time to unpack so I want to split it up. So, I will do a kind of partial review of the weekend and then finish it up on Wednesday.

Friday I did not really do anything of note. I worked and it was the Friday before my school's spring break so everyone left early. I tried to round some stuff up and just get out of there. I went home and we just spent the evening there. After dinner, I started the packing process for myself. I just wanted to get some stuff packed so I knew what I had. I most definitely over packed. I can't help myself, I don't know how not to. If anyone has any good packing tips let me know. When I was done I came downstairs to find D watching Pitch Perfect.  I made him watch this movie once and now he loves. Pitch Perfect 3 was available to rent so you better believe we rented it. Oh yea. 

Saturday was a really busy day. I had a baby shower for my cousin and a concert. I am not usually a baby shower person, but when it's someone I am closer to or am particularly happy for I am happy to celebrate with them. I had to take Reese with me, because girls go along to baby showers and I am pretty sure I would not be allowed in without her. Reese generally did pretty good but she kept wanting to open the gifts so she was getting frustrated with having to be still and tired. When it was over I had to bolt out of there because she was getting sleepy. D and I wanted to take her to see the Easter bunny. We ran to our local mall and turns out, they don't do it. I was so frustrated. Thankfully another smaller mall did have it. What was particularly frustrating was the mall that had the Easter bunny was closer to home. Le sigh

Later that night I was planning on a concert with my parents. A local brewery opened up, Blue Wolf Brewery, and we met my parents there quick before the concert. D and Reese joined us for a bit before heading home. My parents and I ordered some food and then headed out. We were seeing Max Weinberg, from Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band, at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis. I feel in love with Max when he was Conan O'Brien's band leader and it was so cool to see him live. The format of the show was cool too, they had a list of songs, easily 50-100, that we as the audience got to pick. The whole show was audience selection. The Dakota is a small venue so this could easily be done. It was really impressive to see this band just at the drop of a suggestion pick up a song and play. Mostly 60s-70s stuff ( think Beatles,  The Stones) so crowd favorites for sure. It was definitely the most rock n' roll show I have seen there before and an absolute blast! We had an amazing time and Max was so talented!

Sunday was another big day....but stay tuned for that :)

Ok so I pulled this look together for the baby shower on Saturday and I just had to share it with you all. None of these are new pieces for me, but I am wearing it in a new way. I am loving these jeans from Gap that I rocked last week too (here) . I just love how they fit and the lighter more 90s wash. It's perfect for Spring. I am just not wanting to do dark jeans right now and this wash is perfect!I had planned on wearing more of a tee shirt but the weather was a bit cooler than I expected and I thought this asymmetrical sweater was just the right top to pair this with. The more voluminous top and slightly tucked created this amazing silhouette. I paired with these basic brown booties, but then I added my leather jacket. I  am a big believer that fashion rules are made to be broken so black and brown can go together if I want to. I completed this mix up with this bag from Madewell. I actually reached for it so I could throw a few items I needed for Reese in it without dragging in the whole diaper bag. #momwin.   

Sweater| Free People (similar / similar)
Jeans| Gap
Shoes| Target (similar / similar)
Purse| Madewell
Jacket| Express (similar / similar)

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