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Hallelujah, it's Friday. This has felt like the craziest week around here. I am looking forward to a fun weekend to decompress a little bit. I am also so over the snow. Anyone else? Hello, it's March. Time for spring, am I right? 

It is Friday so time for the H54F and some details of my look for dinner tonight!

We are officially in countdown mode for our Mexico trip. We have not been on a big trip since the last time we were in Mexico, probably four years ago now. A smaller trip just going with one couple this time, but we are so pumped. I gotta pick up a few more things, like shorts and swimsuits. I steered way clear of that last summer as I was only about three months post baby. D has to do some shopping too so I am looking forward to prepping and getting the heck out of dodge at the tail end of this month. I used to buy all my swimsuits at Victoria Secret, but they don't sell them anymore. Where do you all buy your suits?

With the big trip in mind, we have gotten serious about getting into shape. We always try to be relatively healthy. After our last Mexico vacation, we did a "no carb March" right before and it honestly changed a lot of our eating habits. We decided to try to do it again , with the exception of St. Patrick's Day. I have not been as diligent this time around, but D has. I am a big snacker and I need stuff around to munch on.  I came across this video with some low carb options and we tried these. Not bad actually, better than nothing if you are looking for a sweet treat. 

This Wednesday was my dad's birthday. Last year was his big 60th and we had a big party at my parent's house. This year it will be quieter, just the fam out to dinner but still just as fun. My dad rarely takes a photo when he isn't making a weird face but we got him this year at the Winter Beer Dabbler. Apparently, all it takes is a couple of beers and a snowfall to turn that frown upside down. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Thursday was International Women's Day. I posted this throwback photo of Reese on instagram as thinking a lot about what this day means this year. Lots of women posted the phrase "Here's to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them." The "raise them" part has special significance as the mother of a daughter in this year of #metoo. Women are in another period of revolution and I am proud to be a woman. I am proud to have a daughter who I hope to be a strong woman who, hopefully, gets to live in a better world. Words are important to me and the words I use about her and around her matter. Words like "strong" versus "cute" or "healthy" versus "round." In her room I have a picture that says "Be Brave" and a drawing the goddess Diana using her bow. We are working to raise a girl into a woman whose only limitation is the extent of her imagination. 

Tonight, as I said, we are going out to dinner for my dad's birthday. I was hoping it would be a little warmer, but what are ya gonna do? I picked up this dress from Nordstrom a few weeks ago after eying it on their website. I was partially looking for Mexico but also a dress that would be acceptable for work. I love the shape of this. It is a flowy material but is also very structured. With my shape, I really need structure or I just look like a blob. I also love that this dress comes in a million different colors so this will honestly work for anyone AND a great price point. Affordable but the quality is good. It is from Lush, if you are familiar, and I love their stuff! Everything is flattering and feminine without being over the top. I can definitely bring this to Mexico because of the fabric, I will style again in a few weeks to show you. For dinner in this cold March, I paired it with these OTK boots from Marc Fisher, who I also love. The cool colors go perfectly together and dress up an otherwise casual dress. For funsies, I add this leather vest. I don't get much wear out of it but am obsessed with it when I do. When the weather is warmer this vest does not make a lot of sense so at least this cold is good for something, right? 

Dress| Nordstrom
Vest| Nordstrom (similar / similar)
Boots| DSW
Necklace| House of Harlow (similar )
Bracelets| Target (similar)

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