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Happy Friday! I am so ready for this week to be over for a bunch of reasons. It's been another crazed week around here , but I am mostly looking forward to this saturday with the big St. Patrick's Day celebration! Every year we march with a big group and it's the best time ever!

But first,



Little lady just keeps getting bigger and bigger. At her 1 year appointment we got new marching orders about no bottle at night, new food habits and no more pacifier. We are not perfect at this but we are working on it. The eating habits are going ok, but sometimes she eats a wierd at dinner and needs a bottle at night. The pacifier is still happening at bed time. I am too afraid to take that away. Thursday night she went down well, but about 10:00 PM she started to fuss and lost her pacifier. I snuck in to give it to her and when I left I heard a thud. Then we were off to the races. Two hours of crying like her arm fell off later, she finally fell back to sleep. It was rough. That has not happened in forever. Let's hope this is not a trend.


Monday I woke up just not feeling well. Sunday I was very lethargic and when I went to bed my stomach was not feeling well. I went to sleep hoping it would settle. In the morning, I did not feel any better and completely wiped. Some terrible viral thing was going arond and with my trip in about 20 days I didn't want to risk it so I stayed home. Tuesday I felt better enough for work, but my stomach didn't really settle all the way until Thursday. Woof.


Did you see my Wednesday post? I found this blouse at Target on super sale and it is so cute. I have already worn it an embarrassing amount of times. Definitey pick it up.


This week I got my Spring Rachel Zoe Box of Style. This might be my favorite one yet. I will get all the details on the blog soon! But check out these funky shades!!!


Ok so tomorrow is the big day. I am so stoked. Literally one of my favorite days of the year. My dad and his friends have been marching in the parade and celebrating with libations since I can remember. Ten years ago (whoa, btw) my cousin and I joined him and I have attended every year since. I have my typical uniform, but for those of you who may not I wanted to compile some fun pieces to show your Irish pride (even if you aren't, you are Irish tomorrow).  Target is a great place for strictly St. Patrick's day wear. A couple of these shirts I thought were so cute and hilaroius for the day. If you are out drinking green beer these would be perfect, even if you layered a cardigan over it you still have fun graphics to show. For those of you wanting something more subtle I love this green sweater. The perect emerald green but still some great fashion elements. Also a little lighter weight to reflect the warmer temps. For something more casual is this lettermen type top or the green sweatshirt from Zara are so comfy and cute. Or mix it up with a colored jean OR, or....wear the jeans and the fun graphic top if you are looking to go all out. Just a thought ;)

St Pattys 2018

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