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When I was in Chicago last weekend and I started to unpack I realized I forgot several makeup items. So unbelievably frustrating! Tell me I am not alone here. Then you are in a bind whee I need some items, but I don't want to buy my expensive stuff because I have it at home, so you are stuck buying something from the drugstore. I couldn't get anyone to go to Target, apparently, it was way out of the way, so I went to CVS to find some items.

 My sister, who is great with makeup, told me that some of her favorite eyeliner is NYX. Just so happened that eyeliner was one of the things I need. I do use some drugstore items and as much as I have some loyalty to the expensive makeup, there are some really great drugstore items too. Especially after the holidays, I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my favorite inexpensive makeup pieces. The first new pieces are the NYX eyeliner and eyebrow pencil. These were the two items I needed on my trip. This eyeliner went on so smooth! I love when a liner is easy to apply, you know how some apply dry and you're dragging them across your lid? I hate this. This applied really smooth and clean. What really impressed me though was the eyebrow pencil. I jumped onboard the Brow wiz train and (disclaimer: unpopular opinion) I am not obsessed with it. This pencil I love! It goes on so smooth it's so easy to use. The second I used it I turned to my sister and was like "oooo!" I am a convert. I love it so much, it looks super natural and the brush on the end really helps to blend it out. 

Other serious favorites include the Maybelline age rewind concealer. I will never use anything else. I started using this years ago and I don't need anything else. The sponge on the end encourages and easy application without tugging on your skin. It perfectly covers all dark circles and blemishes. Also, I know Colourpop is technically drugstore, but it's inexpensive. Their lip products are probably my favorite. I have this color in Timesquare, which is a perfect nude. Has a matte finish without being too drying. I know that makeup brushes are kind of a personal preference issue, but I have a few of these Sonia Kashuk from Target and I think they work great. You can buy a set or individually. I really like being able to pick up brushes as I need them, but if you are looking to start over I definitely recommend these.

What are your favorite drug store products? Let me know below!

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