Winter Box of Style

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Happy first Friday of 2019! We made it to the weekend y'all. I know lots of people took the last week and a half off of work so going back full time this week. I am still in a bit of a holiday hangover mode and hoping this next weekend will get me back on my feet. 

One more thing that got put on the back burner is the Winter Box of Style from Rachel Zoe. If you aren't familiar with this box, on a seasonal basis Rachel Zoe curates a box of fashion and beauty pieces for the season. It's Rachel Zoe so it's always amazing and what I need at the moment. The box costs $100 but it's typically at least a $300 value. More recently a lot of the pieces are exclusive to the box so you can't get them anywhere else. I linked a few similar pieces in these cases but if you want the real thing get the box! It's worth it! Let's dive in!

The actual box itself was smaller this time around and fit every so petite inside this tote. Everyone needs a good tote. I have a Madewell one that I use a lot when I go out with Reese because I can stick a few things in it and this rivals that one.  First, it's a lot bigger so it fits so much more. Praise be! It's nice with an almost two year old to not have to carry a diaper bag around. This is so much chicer. Second, even if you aren't a mom this is a great bag for work or travel. You could easily put a laptop in here or your lunch bag. You will use this for so much!

(similar / similar)

I have gotten a few Sunday Riley products from the Box of Style before, so I know it's a good product. This is a night time oil that is meant to help with fine lines, dryness/texture and your pores. In the winter I find myself slathering on moisturizer and anything else I can find. Because I use so much I can't vouch for everything it does. I have been using it for a couple of weeks and I do think my skin is generally softer and more vibrant, so can't be bad!


This is the piece I was most excited about. I have been really into watches lately, but most of mine have dead batteries. So a new watch helps me avoid getting that fixed ;) In all seriousness, I have been eyeing some of these metal bands for a while and I love, love this! It's rose gold so that's an immediate win. I love how dainty and chic it is. I have basically worn it every day. I like a big watch too, but for some sweaters, a clunky watch just gets in the way. This watch translates from day to night and you can layer some bracelets too for good measure ;)

(similar / similar)

If you have seen my bio on the site you know that I love a ring on each finger. Here's another fabulous one for my collection. Rose gold, another win. It's a faux stacked ring so it's big and sparkly and glamorous. It is open in the back so you can wear it on different fingers. As a lady with big knuckles that is a barrier to rings, this was super helpful for me. I can wear it on most fingers so I can mix and match.

(similar / similar)

Last was this smoothing balm. In the winter it's nice to have something to help better hydrate your hair and reduce fly aways. I have some products I am pretty loyal too, but this one is rivaling those. This is not an oil, more of a lotion texture. It operates the same though and I saw a similar result in my hair. No concerns with that 'product' feel, you know what I mean. Definitely worth checking out!


There you have it, this season's box. I really loved it and I am legitimately using most of these pieces on the daily. It is a bit more of an investment but so worth it in my opinion. You can still one too! Click here to get yours!

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