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I know it's cold outside right now and I love a good sweater, but I won't let this weather get me down. Last time I wore this person said I was daring because it's so cold, but honestly, these boots are so high it's hardly any exposed leg at all. Am I alone here? 

For my actual birthday, I always like to wear something extra fun, so I typically either buy a new item or break out something I don't normally wear. This year I found this fan favorite dress. I have the summer version too and when I saw the long sleeved version I knew I needed it. I also knew it would eventually go on sale so I waited. This is universally the most flattering dress I have ever seen. I have seen girls of all shapes and sizes wear this dress and it has looked great on everyone. That ruching on the waistline and the wrap front of the skirt create the absolute best shape. My waist to my thighs are, frankly, the least favorite part of my body. This dress highlights the parts of my body I prefer to show off.  My summer version of this dress I wore non-stop so to have a long sleeved version made me too happy, ha!

The other great thing about this dress, if I can continue to brag, is how versatile it is. It's a fairly simple silhouette and a solid color so you can layer it with anything. My birthday was a work day so I kept it more conservative and casual with this shawl I got from my Box of Style several months ago. I loved the pattern on this and it totally worked because the dress is this darker heather grey. You can really pick any type of pattern to wear. You could also edge it up with a leather jacket, or go more prep with a wrap coat. I could see this with a fur vest too. See? Options. I love this with the over the knee boot, you could wear an ankle bootie but I really think the over the knee with the wrap front is the best. the shape it creates makes your legs look longer and the long boot continues to play on those long lines. 

Dress| Nordstrom
Cape| From my Box of Style (similar / similar)
Shoes| DSW (similar / similar)
Necklace| Old (similar / similar)

What do you think? Am I too obsessed with this dress?